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How To Know if You Are Banned in Messenger

How To Know If You Are Banned In Messenger

When you want to communicate with friends, you can rely on Messenger to conveniently communicate via text or calls.

Messenger offers room for anyone to create an account.

However, different terms of service must be met and adhered to for you to keep using Messenger seamlessly.

When you fail to adhere to these terms of service, you risk getting banned in Messenger.

Quick Answer

When you are banned from Messenger, your activities are limited. You can’t message your friends as Messenger is rendered unusable. Moreover, you can’t make calls or post content to your Facebook Stories. If you link your Facebook Messenger with your business page, your activities, such as receiving messages, using message tags, etc., will also be affected. Still, your profile will be deactivated, and you may be unavailable on Messenger, so your friends can’t find or message you.

It is unfortunate when you face a situation where Messenger has banned you. We will discuss the matter in detail, understand why Messenger decided to ban you, how to know if you’ve been banned, and possible steps you should take.

Why Am I Banned From Messenger?

Facebook Messenger has its terms of service, and when you want to use the application, you must align your activities with the terms of service. Messenger relies on Facebook; you can’t use it unless you connect it to your account.

Facebook Messenger offers two types of restrictions. You can encounter a temporary restriction lasting a few hours or days.

Alternatively, Messenger can decide to ban you from the platform. This mainly happens after you’ve received numerous temporary bans, but you fail to seize your actions.

Some of the reasons you’ve been banned in Messenger include the following.

Reason #1: Sexual Activities

Facebook Messenger is designed to accommodate different categories of users.

As such, the type of content you share must be evaluated to determine whether it’s safe for consumption.

If you are the kind that shares sexual content or other sexual solicitation content, Messenger can flag your account.

If you persist in the behavior, Messenger will eventually ban you in Messenger.

Reason #2: Violence

Messenger prohibits using its platform to advocate for violating and other harmful activities.

For instance, if you misuse Messenger to advocate for people to harass others, engage in self-injury, promote violence, etc., you will quickly get banned from Messenger.

When that happens, your account will be rendered unusable to ensure you refrain from the behavior.

Reason #3; Integrity and Authenticity Issues

Intellectual theft is not tolerated on Messenger.

You will be banned from the platform if you are reported or detected violating someone’s intellectual property on Messenger.

Although you may not get banned at the first instance, repeating the offense will automatically get you banned from the platform.

Reason #4: Spamming Others

Spamming is the fastest way of getting banned on Messenger.

You can get banned from the platform if you share spamming content and links on Messenger.

Here, Messenger can detect your spamming links, or people can report you on Messenger, and when your case is investigated and you are found guilty, Messenger will ban you.

How To Know if You Are Banned in Messenger

We’ve discussed different reasons that will eventually get you banned in Messenger.

The next question is knowing when you’ve been banned in Messenger.

Here are the common tells to know if Messenger has banned you.

Tell #1: You Can’t Send Messages

You Can't Send Messages

The primary function of Messenger is to chat with friends and family.

If you notice that you can no longer share messages on Messenger or you no longer receive messages, it means you’ve been banned.

Moreover, your account is banned if your friends complain they text you but messages aren’t delivered.

Tell #2: You Can’t Make Calls

You Can't Make Calls

When you can’t use Messenger to make calls on the platform, it means you’ve been banned.

Messenger will paralyze your regular activities when they ban your account, and simple tasks like calling and messaging will no longer be available.

Tell #3: You Can’t Post

You Can't Post

When you are banned from Messenger, you can’t post.

You can’t share anything to your Facebook Stories using Messenger, and you won’t see what your friends have shared.

Tell #4: Your Profile Is Disabled

Messenger will disable your profile to hide it from others when your account is banned.

Your Messenger profile will get deactivated as you are no longer available on Messenger.

Tell #5: Your Facebook Page Is Affected

If you’ve linked your business page with Messenger, you can’t use it anymore for communication.

Your clients won’t be able to message you via Messenger as it’s no longer activated.

If you get banned in Messenger, your best option is to contact Facebook and see if they can help you recover your account.


This guide has discussed why you are banned in Messenger and the signs that indicate you are banned in Messenger.

That’s it!

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