What Can a Discord Server Owner See?

What Can A Discord Server Owner See

Discord is the most popular forum for communicating with friends.

You can communicate via text, live stream, or voice chat.

You can create a server on Discord and invite friends or family to join.

Servers have a given agenda, such as a server for a given game or a server to join your family in a voice channel.

When you create a server, you become the owner, giving you more privileges than other members.

So, what can a Discord server owner see?

Quick Answer

The Discord owner hosts a given server and acts as the primary administrator. The owner can see all the member and their roles. They can see public messages and logs for activities, such as deleted messages and members kicked out. Moreover, they can see the public profile details of members, such as their profile pictures. However, all your details, such as IP, private messages, server activities, profile settings, email, etc., are hidden.

This guide discusses what things a server owner can see. Moreover, we will see what the server owner can do on a given server and cover what they can’t see. That way, you will understand the limited information a server owner can access and the information hidden from them.

Who Is a Server Owner, and What Can They See and Do?

Discord is open to everyone. You can access Discord and create an account using the mobile app, browser, or desktop app.

Once you have your account, you can create a Discord server using the below steps:

  1. On your Discord, click the plus icon on the left.Click The Plus Icon Discord
  2. Click the “Create My Own” button. Click The Create My Own Button.
  3. Add the server details, such as the name. Add The Server Details
  4. Click the “Create Server” button to complete the process. Click The Create Server Button
  5. Share the link to add members to your server. Share The Link To Add Members

You are now a Discord server owner, which comes with different privileges. First, you can create a channel to connect with your friends. Still, you can add members to your server or send them an invite link to join.

Moreover, you can define the roles of a given member, including the server admin, to help you manage the server.

As a server owner, you are the overall admin and can change the roles and permissions of members on the server. Still, you can kick out or ban members from the server.

The server owner can also attach links or files in the server description, delete messages, mute members, and perform other administrative tasks. Generally, the server owner controls how the server runs and can limit the members.

So, what can a Discord server owner see? Many server members are concerned about what the server owners can see as part of the privacy concerns.

Here’s the thing, most of the private activities of members are kept secret from the server owner.

The server owner can only see the list of members and their profile details, such as profile images and server chats.

Also, the server owner can see the logs for the server activities, such as banned members, deleted messages, created channels, and the roles of each member.

What Can’t a Server Owner See?

Discord upholds the privacy of its users even when they join a Discord server. As such, the server owner is limited in what they can see.

Below are the crucial things hidden from a server owner.

IP Address

The server admin can’t see your IP address.

Discord doesn’t disclose your IP address to anyone, and only the Discord staff can access your Discord IP.

Even when kicked out of a server, your IP address remains hidden unless someone tricks you into using IP address loggers, which unknowingly track your IP.

Member Email

Your email address is confidential and remains hidden even from the server owner.

However, sharing your email address with the server owner is the only way they can access it.

Private Messages

Your messages are private DMs that are inaccessible to the server owner.

However, messages shared in the group can be seen by everyone.

If you delete a message, the server owner can only see the log for the deleted message but won’t see the actual deleted message.

A Member’s Activities

Things a member does on the server are private.

For instance, if you check the list of members or keep scrolling to see messages sent by different people, the server owner will have no idea of such activities.

Also, your search activities are personal and won’t be disclosed.

Furthermore, even the server owner won’t see your activities if you set your visibility to invisible.

The only activities a server owner can access are those in the audit logs, such as members who were kicked out or new channels created.


A server owner has privileges on what they can do, but what they can see is limited.

They can only see public information such as the list of members, messages shared on the channel, and server logs of different activities.

This guide details what the server owner can and cannot see.

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