How To Queue Songs on Discord

How To Queue Songs On Discord

Are you planning to listen to a music playlist with your Discord friends? Discord is a fun platform that allows listening to music, provided you have a server. The music that you add will be listened to by all the server members.

So, how can you create a queue of songs on Discord? If you have a playlist, playing the playlist instead of adding one song at a time makes sense.

Quick Answer

To play music on Discord, you must use a bot or play through connected platforms. If using a bot, connect your music bot, create a playlist on other platforms like Deezer and Soundcloud, then invoke the command to play a playlist using the link to your playlist. Discord will then play the queued songs on your playlist. Alternatively, connect the music platform to Discord, such as Spotify, and play your playlist.

This write-up covers all details about adding a queue of songs on Discord. We will use the FredBoat as an example for adding songs on Discord when using a music bot. Also, we will mention how to play a Spotify playlist when playing music on Discord without a bot. Let’s get started!

Can You Queue Songs on Discord?

There is no direct way to queue songs on Discord. There are two options for playing music on Discord, using a bot or without a bot. Therefore, your only option for queueing songs on Discord is to create a playlist and then use either option to play the music on Discord.

When you play the queue on Discord, you can use various commands to control the music if using a music bot.

How To Queue Songs on Discord Using a Music Bot

There are multiple music bots that you can connect to your Discord account to play music. FredBoat is the most popular Discord music bot, and we will use it to explain how to queue songs on Discord.

The first thing to do is to connect your Discord server to the music bot. Once connected, we can then proceed to play our queued music. Also, ensure you’ve created a music playlist. You can create a FredBoat queue playlist on its website.

Here’s how to queue songs using the FredBoat on Discord.

  1. Open your Discord on your PC and create a server.
  2. Visit FredBoat’s website and click the Invite to Server option.
  3. Authorize the bot to access your Discord account.
  4. Select the target server, click “Continue,” and then “Authorize.”
  5. Once the bot is connected, you can make a playlist (or queue).
  6. Open Discord and select the server where you invited the bot.
  7. Join a voice channel to play music.
  8. Once the bot joins the channel, type /play, and you can see different command suggestions.

The bot will start playing your queued music. You can refer to the other FredBoat commands to control the music. For other bots, begin by creating a playlist and copying the link.

Add your bot and open the server. Invoke the command to play a playlist and paste the copied link. The bot will then play the queue of songs on Discord.

How To Queue Songs on Discord Without a Music Bot

If you don’t want to use a bot to play music on Discord, you can connect your Spotify account instead. The trick here is to connect Spotify to your Discord and create a playlist on Discord. Follow the below steps.

  1. Open your Discord desktop app.
  2. Click the settings icon at the bottom.
  3. Click on Connections from the User Settings.
  4. Click on the Spotify icon.
  5. The Spotify login page will open. Use your credentials to log in and click the Agree button at the bottom.
  6. Once Spotify connects with Discord, go back to the Connections section on Discord.
  7. Click on Spotify to start listening to your songs. The playlist you play on Discord will play on Discord.

You can invite your Discord friends to join you in listening to your queue of songs.


This Spotify method may not work with all Discord versions.


If you are looking for how to queue songs on Discord, this guide has presented two approaches that you can use. You can use a Discord music bot or your Spotify account to play songs on Discord. Try it out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Queue Songs on Discord Using a Bot?

Start by creating a music playlist on a platform like Deezer, then copy the link. Connect a music Discord bot to your server, invoke the command to play a playlist, and paste the copied link to your playlist.

How Can I Queue Songs on Discord Without a Bot?

Discord supports various platforms, such as Spotify, that you can connect to. When you connect to a platform like Discord, create a playlist and play all the songs on the queue to your Discord.

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