How To Stream Shows on Discord

How To Stream Shows On Discord

When you have a game or movie you are streaming, you can extend the fun to your friends via Discord. With Discord, you can start a screen share in the voice channel if you have a server.

Once you do, your streaming will be shared with everyone connected to your Discord server. We will detail the steps to follow when you want to stream shows on Discord.

Quick Answer

You can stream on Discord using a mobile or a desktop. You must first set the Activity status by adding your streaming browser as a game on Discord. Once that is done, open your Discord server and click on the added activity status. Select your server, then click the screen share icon. Choose the target voice channel and start streaming on the browser we added earlier. That’s it.

This post discussed the step-by-step process of streaming on Discord using the desktop or mobile versions. That way, you can choose the option that works best for you.

How To Stream Shows on Discord

Discord is the leading VoIP platform and offers different features to enhance communication and interaction. With Discord, you can chat with your friends via text channels or communicate with them via voice channels.

When you are in a voice channel, you can start a video call, and screen share your streaming session with server members. That way, everyone in the voice channel will see what you are streaming and have fun with you. Let’s see how to stream on Discord desktop and mobile.

On Discord Desktop

  1. Open your Discord application from the startup menu.
  2. Click the settings icon at the bottom.
  3. Once the “User Settings” page opens, locate and click on “Registered Games” from the left sidebar memu.
  4. On the right, click on the “Add It!” button.
  5. Select your browser from the listed options. Ensure the browser you select is opened and is the one you will stream from.
  6. Once you have your browser selected, click on the “Add Game” button.
  7. Locate the browser activity status under the “Added Games” section and ensure Overlay is enabled.
  8. Click the “Esc” button to return to the main window.
  9. Click on the server that you want to use.
  10. Locate the activity status for the browser we added earlier, and then locate the streaming icon next to your browser name.
  11. Click on the “Stream” option to start a live stream, and members of the server can join.
  12. On the “Screen Share” window, select a voice channel, modify settings, and hit the “Go Live” button.

Start streaming your movie from your browser, and it will reflect on the Discord live stream you’ve started. Everyone will view the show playing on your browser, including the audio.

On Discord Mobile

When using your iOS or Android, it’s also possible to share your screen on Discord and extend the streaming of a show to your Discord friends.

  1. Open the Discord application on your phone.
  2. Tap on the menu icon at the top.
  3. Tap on your profile picture on the next screen.
  4. On the settings page, scroll down and open the “Privacy & Safety” tab.
  5. Locate the “Activity Status” section and enable the option for “Displaying current activity as a status message.”
  6. On the main Discord window, click on the server where you want to stream.
  7. Enter a voice channel in the selected server.
  8. Tap the video call option and then the screen share icon at the bottom.
  9. Accept the prompt that will appear.
  10. Select the browser where you are streaming and keep it as the active window.

That is how you quickly stream shows on Discord. While streaming, you can invite people to join you or stick to the server members alone.


When you have a Discord server, you can conveniently open your browser and start streaming on your Discord voice channel.

That way, all members of the voice channel can see the show you are streaming and enjoy it. We’ve covered the steps for streaming shows on Discord mobile and desktop.

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