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Messenger “Not Everyone Can Message This Account” Error Explained

Why Does Messenger Say Not Everyone Can Message This Account

Messenger is a suitable messaging application that has made communications with family and friends convenient.

When you find Messenger convenient for communication, you may want to talk to all of your friends through the application.

One major issue some users face is getting an error message that they cannot message a given Messenger account.

So, does that mean you are blocked?

Quick Answer

When you see the message that you cannot message this account, the account you are texting has likely blocked you or been deactivated. If a person deactivates their account for a long time and forgets it, you won’t send them a message because it does not exist. Additionally, if you block an account by mistake, you won’t be able to send them a message.

If you are getting the notification that not everyone can text this account on Messenger, this guide has explained the possible reasons.

Why Does Messenger Say “Not Everyone Can Message this Account”?

Many people have used Messenger to communicate with friends and family. Still, when you try sending a message to a given account, you may be notified that not everyone can send a message.

Does the message mean the account has blocked you?

This is the first thing many people think of when they get such a message, but the following are some common reasons why you will get the message.

Reason #1: Deactivated Account

Messenger users deactivate their accounts, and when that happens, it means the account is not existing.

If you send a message to such an account, you may get notified that you cannot send a message to this account.

Also, suppose Facebook has suspended the account because of malicious activities or any other reason.

In that case, you will not be able to send a message until the account is out of suspension.

Reason #2: An Account Has Blocked You

When someone blocks you on Messenger, you won’t send them a message. You will realize you get a notification that you cannot message this account.

So how do you tell if an account has blocked you or is deactivated?

Sometimes you may think an account has blocked you when it is deactivated. To tell if someone has blocked you, you may need to use a mutual friend and search for the account from their messenger account.

If an account shows up, it means it is active and has blocked you. But, if you search for the contact and it does not appear, it means the account does not exist.

Reason #3: You Blocked an Account by Mistake

When you block an account by mistake, you cannot send them messages.

Therefore, if you see a message that you cannot message this account, you must check that you have not blocked the account by mistake.

If you are unsure whether the issue is from your side, you can follow the steps below to check and unblock them.

  1. Launch Messenger on a mobile device. Facebook Messenger Phone
  2. Click the hamburger icon. Three Line Icon Messenger
  3. Tap the settings icon beside your profile photo. Settings Icon Messenger
  4. Go to the “Preferences” section and click “Privacy & Safety”. Privacy And Safety Messenger Facebook
  5. Tap the “Blocked Accounts” option. Tap The Blocked Accounts Option.
  6. If the account you were texting is listed, tap on it. Select The Account You Were Texting
  7. Tap the “Unblock on Facebook” option. Tap The Unblock On Facebook Option.

If you conduct the above steps and realize the account is not blocked by mistake, it means the message is not a result of an issue from your end.

Reason #4: Server Issues

Facebook may be having server issues sometimes, making it misbehave when you want to talk to your friends or family members.

Therefore if you see the message that you cannot message this account, you must do as explained in the previous section and confirm it is not any of the mentioned reasons.

If none of the reasons explains why you are getting the notification, Messenger is likely experiencing technical glitches.

In such a case, you may want to try texting the account after some time and see if your message will be sent.


Messenger shows the notification that you cannot message a given account when it is nonexistent or has blocked you.

Moreover, if you block an account by mistake, you won’t send them a message unless you unblock them.

If you don’t understand why you cannot message a person on Messenger,  know how to handle it from this guide.

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