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What Does Green Dot Next to the Camera on Messenger Mean?

What Does The Green Dot Next To The Camera On Messenger Mean

Facebook and Messenger have abundant green dots to help users. The one we are interested in is found on the Messenger app next to the camera or video call icon.

People see it when they open any conversation. Do you have any idea what this green dot means? If you are trying to figure it out, then fret not! We got answers to your question.

Quick Answer

There is no rocket science here. The green dot next to the camera or video call icon means that the person is available to video call or is simply online. In other words, it also indicates the other person has the camera facility on their device.

This article is about the green dot you see next to the camera on any conversation on Messenger. We will also touch on the subject of other green dots on Facebook and Messenger. Please keep reading to learn more about it!

The Curious Case of Little Green Dot on Messenger

By now, you must have gotten around almost all the features and systems on Facebook and Messenger. It would be no exaggeration to call Facebook one of the most ancient social media platforms.

Messenger was the built-in component of Facebook for the longest. It was not until 2011 that Facebook decided to cut the cords by introducing Messenger’s stand-alone app.

The rest is history!

Since its separation from Facebook (not literally, as it is still part of Metaverse), Messenger has incorporated many fun features and elements in its interface.

There are various green dots that Messenger has cropped up with to help its users navigate and monitor others’ activities.

Sometimes a green dot is next to the user profile picture, while other times, next to the video call icon.

Meaning of Green Dot on Messenger & Facebook

Green Dot On Messenger  Facebook

The green dot next to the profile picture of people on Messenger reflects their “active status.” It lets you know whether the person is online on Messenger (for whatever reason). Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Sometimes, when people scroll through their feeds on Facebook, they may appear online with a green dot on Messenger. Similarly, sometimes the Messenger app running in the background will make you appear online to others.

There could be other reasons too, but the gist is that it means that you are online. It helps you monitor and pry on your friends or loved ones (if you love doing that).


The green dots appear on the Facebook and Messenger apps and also on the Facebook website. The green dots you see on Facebook on the profile page of some user also indicates that the user is currently online.

Let’s discuss the green dot next to the camera or video call icon.

Meaning of the Green Dot Next to Camera on Messenger

Green Dot Beside Camera On Messenger Facebook

If you are in conversation with someone or have opened any conversation on Messenger and see a green dot next to the video call icon, then let us tell you what it signifies.

When you see it next to the camera icon on Messenger chat with your friend, it means they are currently available for video calls.

If you do not have it next to the camera while chatting with someone on Messenger, it might mean they do not have access to the camera. They might have also disabled their active status.

It is the weird notion that the person does not have access to a camera as all smartphones come with a camera. Perhaps your friend is using some not-so-smart cellphone or a PC.

So, the green dot along the camera in a conversation on Messenger means that the person you are chatting with has the facility to video chat.

In other words, we can say that it also represents the current online status of a user. It is more legit than the green dot you find on the user’s profile icon. As we know, the green dot next to the profile icon of someone on Messenger is not always accurate.


This feature is only available on the Messenger app.

Wrap Up

There are various green dots that you can find across Facebook and Messenger. You can see a green dot next to your friend on Messenger if they are online on Facebook or Messenger.

Similarly, you can see the green dot on the profile page of someone on the Facebook website. This green dot also means the person is online on Facebook.

Likewise, the green dot next to Messenger’s camera or video call icon indicates that the person is available for a video call.


What is the pulsing ring around the camera mean on Messenger?

When you see the pulsating ring around the camera of someone in your Messenger, it means that the person is also in the same conversation window as you. It happens when you are chatting with that person, as both of you are in the same window when you chat. Tap on the throbbing circle to initiate the video call.

What does “Active now” mean on Messenger?

Since users complained that the green dots on Messenger and Facebook do not truly reflect someone’s online status, thus Facebook introduced the “Active now” feature. The “Active now” feature tracks and monitors your friend’s activity and lets you know if they are online, either in conversation on Messenger or interacting on the Facebook app.

The “Active now” status will appear on top below the profile name of the person in the chat window.

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