How To Hear Yourself on Discord?

How To Hear Yourself On Discord

Discord is a social platform where you can communicate via text, voice, or video calls.

Usually, it is used by the gaming community as a voice or video chat platform while gaming.

People invest in high-quality headsets to ensure that others hear them clearly.

Even if you are unsure of the audio quality, you can listen to yourself on Discord. But how?

Quick Answer

To hear yourself on Discord, you have to tweak some settings on your PC. Next, go to the “Voice & Video” settings and click on the “Let’s Check” button in the “Mic Test” section. Finally, start speaking and listen to yourself. 

It is important to hear how your voice sounds to others on the call or while gaming. The volume could be too low or too high, or there could be a lot of echo or background noise.

You can then adjust your audio settings or control the volume beforehand. It’s challenging to change mic settings while you are gaming.

This article will look at how to test your audio quality on the Discord desktop application.

How To Hear Yourself on the Discord Desktop App?

To hear yourself properly on the Discord desktop app, firstly, you must edit the sound settings on your PC to check the sound quality.

Once that is done, you have to edit the sound settings on the Discord app to check the sound quality. 

Step #1: Hearing Yourself on the Desktop

Just follow the steps below to check the sound quality on your desktop:

  1. Right-click on the volume icon appearing in the bottom right of the screen.Right-Click On The Volume Icon
  2. Select “Open Sound settings.”Select Open Sound Settings
  3. Click on “Sound Control Panel” in the top right corner.Click On Sound Control Panel
  4. Select the “Recording” tab.Select The Recording Tab
  5. Right-click on the recording device to modify its settings.Right-Click On The Recording Device
  6. Select “Properties” from the drop-down menu.Select Properties From The Drop-Down Menu
  7. Go to the “Listen” tab.Go To The Listen Tab
  8. Check the “Listen to this device” option.Check The Listen To This Device Option
  9. Click on “Apply.”Click On Apply
  10. Lastly, click on “OK.” You will then hear your own voice after a short delay.Click On Ok.

Step #2: Hearing Yourself on Discord

After setting the sound settings on the PC, you can do the same on the Discord app by following the steps below. 

You can do a mic test, fix input volume, reduce the background noise, eliminate echo, and other audio settings.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Open the Discord app on your PC.Launch Discord On Your Pc
  2. Click on the settings icon at the bottom left.Click On Gear Icon At Bottom Left
  3. Select “Voice & Video” under “App Settings.”Click The Voice And Video Option
  4. Find the “Mic Test” section and click the “Let’s Check” button.Click On Let's Check To Test Your Microphone
  5. Speak and listen to yourself.Speak And Listen To Yourself
  6. Once done, you can click on “Stop Testing.” Click On Stop Testing

Please note that if your input device is set to the default device, change it to the headphones you are using.

It will appear automatically in the list of input devices. If you have a separate microphone, make sure it is connected.

You can also go to “Advanced Settings” and check to mark the “Noise Suppression.” This will reduce the background noise.

Whenever you test the mic, there will be a short delay before you hear your voice back. This is not because of any issue with your device but how it is supposed to be.


When you are playing with your friends, you might notice that they cannot hear you when you give them instructions. 

Hence, it’s always recommended to hear your voice before starting a game to avoid complications. 

Currently, adjusting sound settings and testing the mic is a hassle.

Hopefully, the feature will also be introduced in the mobile app in future updates, and the process will be more straightforward on the desktop app. 

However, we hope this article has helped answer your question about hearing your voice on Discord. 


How to hear yourself on the Discord mobile app?

On the mobile application, there are no options to hear your audio. This is because the mobile app adjusts the voice sensitivity on your phone automatically.

Why am I unable to hear myself on Discord calls?

To hear yourself on a Discord call, click the gear icon to open settings. Navigate to “Voice & Video” and then enable “Noise Suppression” and “Echo Cancellation.” This will fix the problem. 

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