How To Change Discord Group Chat Name?

How To Change Discrod Group Chat Name

Discord often looks like a platform specifically for gamers, but it’s also a place for others to connect. You may meet many users on the servers and connect with them. Also, you can chat with one person or a small number of people in private chats.

Keeping up with many direct messages (DMs) on Discord can be daunting. Thankfully, the app allows you to customize your group chat for quick identification. Therefore, knowing how to change the Discord group chat name is the solution.

Quick Answer

To change the Discord group chat name, tap the group DM title at the top of the screen. Then, enter any name you want.

Chatting in a group chat is fun. Also, some details about the chat might be useful. All of these will be discussed in detail in this guide. Read on to learn more.

What Is Discord All About?

Discord is an online communication software that allows you to join communities. These communities are based on different topics, including games, education, arts, sports, and entertainment.

Also, the app allows you to communicate over video, text, audio, or image. Discord is like any other social page but stands out because of some features.

The different communities on Discord are called servers. Servers are enclosed groups where several members chat on a chosen topic. Each server can have its channels dedicated to various topics like advertisements, announcements, and giveaways.

You can join a server or create one and invite people to join it. It’s free, easy to understand, and allows you to communicate with many people simultaneously. If you wish to communicate with a specific person, you can send them a direct message (DM).

What Is the Meaning of DM on Discord?

DM stands for Direct Message on Discord and many platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. With Discord DM, you can contact a specific friend directly.

This allows you to have a one-to-one conversation with the person. This chat is also called a private message as it gives you the privacy to chat with a person without interference from others.

Initially, Discord only allowed you to send a direct message to one person. However, you can have a group chat with a small number of people. You can send Direct Messages to a group of friends or call them. For now, Discord only allows a maximum of ten friends in a group chat.

Being in a group chat comes with certain privileges. For instance, you can change the group icon to your desired image. In addition, you can change the name to convey the group’s purpose.

You cannot change the DM name when you send a message to one person. That’s because the chat consists of two friends. In that case, the name on the DM will usually be your username or your friend’s username from their end.

However, you can change the DM name in a group chat. This feature helps in differentiating between groups where you have many. So, check the following paragraphs if you wish to know how to change the Discord group chat name.

How To Change Discord Group Chat Name (Desktop)?

When you create a Discord group chat, it will only feature a generic name. Changing it to something specific allows for easy identification, especially when you have many.

Check the following steps to change the Discord group chat name on your PC:

  1. Open Discord on your PC. Open Discord Pc Application
  2. Tap the Discord icon in the top left corner. Tap The Discord Icon In The Top Left Corner.
  3. Select the group chat from the left sidebar. Select The Group Chat From The Left Sidebar.
  4. Tap the chat title at the top. Tap The Chat Title At The Top.
  5. Change the name to your desired name. Change The Name To Your Desired Name.

How To Change Discord Group Chat Name (Mobile)?

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Discord app on your mobile device. Open The Discord App Mobile
  2. Tap on the hamburger menu icon in the top right corner. Tap The Hamburger Menu Icon Discord
  3. Tap the chat icon in the top left corner. Tap The Chat Icon In The Top Left Corner.
  4. Select the group chat. Select The Group Chat.
  5. Tap on the chat name at the top. Tap On The Chat Name At The Top.
  6. Select “Customize Group.” Select Customize Group.
  7. Change the name to your desired name in the box under “GROUP NAME.” Change The Name To Your Desired Name In Group Name Section


Discord is a wonderful chat app. It allows for meaningful connections in groups and private DMs. Private DMs can either be two individuals or group DMs with a maximum of 10 people.

Changing the name of the group DM to a desired name makes it easy to identify it. This guide has shown you the steps to change the discord group chat name.

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