How To Add Tempo to Discord

How To Add Tempo To Discord

There are numerous ways of enjoying music on Discord. A common approach is using a music bot to play music on your Discord server. Different bots support playing music on Discord; our focus is on the Tempo bot.

If you own a server or have the “manage server” permission in a given server, it’s possible to add the Tempo bot using the instructions in this guide.

Quick Answer

You can add the Tempo bot in two ways. First, you can visit the top.gg website or the Tempo bot’s website and find its invitation link. Clicking on the “Invite” button will open different prompts that you can follow to add the bot to your server. Alternatively, search for the Tempo bot by using the “App Directory” feature. Once you find it, click its “Invite” button, choose the server where the Tempo bot should be added, and authorize its permissions.

This guide covers two ways of adding the Tempo bot to your Discord server. Still, we will see the various commands you can use to enjoy music in your Discord server with the bot. Stay tuned!

How To Add Tempo to Discord

The Tempo bot is a music bot to spice the mood in your Discord server. With this bot, you can easily enjoy music from various platforms, such as Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitch, etc.

When you want to use the Tempo bot, you must have the manage server permissions to add it to a Discord server or create and add your server. We will see two approaches to adding the Tempo bot to Discord.

Via Invite Link

The Tempo bot invite link offers a direct way of adding it to your server.

  1. Open your browser and access the top.gg website.
  2. Click the “Invite” button. Click “Invite” again, if necessary, on the new page.
  3. Select your server where the Tempo bot will be added and click “Continue.”
  4. Grant it the required permissions by clicking the “Authorize” button.

After you mark the Captcha, the Tempo bot will successfully be added to your server, and you will be ready to use it.

Via the App Directory

Discord’s App Directory feature allows you to search for random or specific servers and bots you want to add to your server.

  1. Open your Discord account.
  2. Find the target server and open it.
  3. Click the down arrow at the top, next to the server name.
  4. Select “App Directory.”
  5. Once the directory window opens, search for the “Tempo bot.”
  6. Once results appear, click on the Tempo bot.
  7. Click the “Add to Server” button on its overview page.
  8. Select the server to contain the Tempo bot and click the “Continue button.
  9. Click the “Authorize” button to grant the Tmpo bot the required permissions.
  10. Mark the Captcha.

You now have a Tempo bot added to your server. From here, its different commands will help you use the bot for various activities.

How To Use the Tempo Bot

Using the Tempo bot is easy. First, open the server where you’ve added it, as that’s where you will type the different commands for various tasks relating to the bot. To view all the available commands for the bot, type a slash (/) in the text channel where the Tempo bot is added.

Using the “/settings view” command, you can also check the current settings. You will notice that the set prefix is”>,” but you can customize it to fit your preference.  


Adding the Tempo bot can be achieved in two ways. We’ve seen the two methods you use and the detailed steps to follow for each case. Follow the method that works best for your case.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you add Tempo Bot on Discord?

Visit the top.gg website and search for the Tempo bot. Click on its invite link and add the server to your bot. Ensure you give the bot the correct permissions and mark the Captcha to complete the process.

How much do Discord Bots cost?

Using Discord bots is free for the basic plan. However, some bots attract a fee when you want to access their premium features. The cost charged will depend on the particular bot.

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