How To Add Rhyme Bot to Discord?

How To Add Rhyme Bot To Discord

Did you know that you and your community on Discord can enjoy music or games as you converse on the platform? You can let bots like Rhyme add some flavor to your Discord music or gaming experience.

But you’ll need to add it to your Discord server to use it as a music or gaming tool. So, how does one add Rhyme to Discord?

Quick Answer

The Rhyme bot has many commands that automate most of the tasks on Discord. However, the bot needs an invite to your server for you to use on Discord. Go to the top.gg or any other site that houses Discord bots, search for “Rhyme,” and tap the “Invite” or “Add bot” button to add it to your Discord. 

Does it seem complicated to add Rhyme to your Discord server? It’s not. Today’s guide will present a step-by-step procedure to add “Rhyme” to your Discord. 

What’s Rhyme Bot on Discord?

There are different types of Rhyme bots that you can add to your Discord. You’ll find these Rhyme bots when you visit top.gg or any other site housing popular Discord bots. 

The first Rhyme bot you’ll see on the site is a music bot that lets Discord users listen to radio or music while on the platform. The bot gives you commands that instruct it to play music or radio.

You can listen to music on Spotify, YouTube, and other song-streaming platforms with the help of the “Rhyme” bot. They can help you automate the loop, skip, stop, queue, et cetera songs on Discord. The bot also lets you use URLs to queue or listen to songs.  

The second Rhyme bot lets you play the Rhyming game with your Discord friends. The bot will let you search for rhymes to any word or start a Rhyming match with friends. It comes with a few commands:

  • /startgame <word> – It starts off with a Rhyming game. 
  • /stopgame – It stops the Rhyming game. 
  • /searchrhyme <word> – It lets you search for words that can rhyme with the typed <word>.
  • /stats – It will give you the Rhyme game global stats. 

You’ll have to invite these bots to use them on Discord. 

You’ll also find a Rhymes bot that gives Discord users music commands to use the streaming music feature on Youtube or Spotify. It can also help you link Spotify and Youtube to your Discord. It will further enhance your music experience on Discord. 

Adding Rhyme Bot on Discord 

It’s possible to add the Rhyme bots to your Discord. Use Discord on your PC to easily add and set up the bot on your Discord. Follow the procedure below to add the Rhyme bots to your Discord. 

“Rhyme”- The Music Bot

Follow these steps to add the Rhyme music bot to your Discord server:

  1. Go to the Rhyme bot on top.gg.
  2. Click the “Invite” button. 
  3. Select your server on the next page.
  4. Click “Continue.”
  5. Confirm if you’d want to let Rhyme access all the listed permissions, and click “Authorize” to confirm the approvals. 
  6. Check the “I am human” Captcha. 
  7. Go to your server and check if Rhyme popped into your server. 

“Rhyme”- The Rhyming Game Bot

Follow these steps to add the rhyming game bot to your Discord server:

  1. Open the Rhyme Bot on top.gg on your browser.
  2. Click the “Invite” button. 
  3. Choose your server on the next screen. 
  4. Click the “Continue” button. 
  5. Select the appropriate permissions
  6. Click on “Authorize” at the bottom.
  7. Complete the human verification.
  8. Head back to your server and check whether the bot is a server member. 

Use the commands to check if the bot is operable on your channel. Try typing /searchrhyme followed by a word to evaluate if the bot will respond with a few words that rhyme with your chosen word. 

Wrapping Up 

Developers create bots to give you a hassle-free Discord experience. The bots will automate different tasks on your servers.

Therefore, add whichever Rhyme bot you prefer to your server to enjoy the perks of having a bot as a server member. Follow the steps discussed in the article to add the Rhyme bot to your server. 

PS don’t forget to share your bot hacks with us. Otherwise, let the Rhyme bot enhance your music or gaming experience on Discord. 


Can I remove the Rhyme bot from my server?

Yes, you can kick the Rhyme bot. Just go to your server and tap the member list button. Scroll to the Rhyme bot and right-click on it. Move toward the bottom of the list and tap “Kick Rhyme Bot.” You also have the option to ban or timeout the Rhyme bot. 

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