How To Unzoom Discord?

How To Unzoom Discord

If the Discord screen gets frustrating for you sometimes by getting extremely zoomed in or out, then this article is for you.

Adjusting the zoom level on Discord can help you see letters, avatars, and images clearly and not strain your eyesight. Sometimes, you may unintentionally hit keys that can make your Discord screen get zoomed ridiculously in or out.

The good thing is you can always reset your zoom to the default size. It is just going to take a few seconds of yours! So, how can you unzoom on Discord?

Quick Answer

To reset the zoom to the default setting, press the shortcut “Ctrl” + “0” or “CMD” + “0” (for Macbook) on the Discord desktop app or website. You can also change the zoom level through “User Settings” on the Discord app or web. Likewise, you can try the zoom options available in your browser.

If you do not enjoy the zoom-in or out thingy that happens on your Discord without you even doing it intentionally, then keep reading this article to learn the fixes for your dilemma.

Zoom In/Out or Switch to the Default Zoom Size on Discord

Here are possible solutions to get your Discord screen to zoom in/out or switch to the default size.

Method #1: Keyboard Shortcut

This is perhaps the easiest way to zoom in/out on Discord and also to go back to the original default size of zoom. You can use this method on both the Discord app on your computer and the web version of Discord.

To zoom in/out and reset the zoom level to the default size, open Discord and use these commands on your Windows PC:

  • Press and hold “Ctrl” and “+” to zoom in.
  • Press and hold “Ctrl” and “” to zoom out.
  • To reset your zoom to the default size, press “Ctrl” and “0” simultaneously.

For the Discord app on MacBook:

  • Press and hold the “CMD” and press “+” to zoom in and “” to zoom out.
  • To reset to default size or unzoom, hold “CMD” and press the “0” key.

The default size of the Discord screen is 100. Discord screen can zoom in up to 500% and zoom out up to 25%.

You can also use the above shortcut keys on the Discord website on any browser to zoom in/out or to reset the screen to the default level.

Method #2: From Discord Settings

Another way to zoom in and out is via the Discord settings. You can try this method on the Discord app and Discord web. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Discord app on a PC or open the browser version of Discord.
  2. Click the settings icon at the bottom left next to your username.
  3. From the left panel under “APP SETTINGS,” select “Appearance.”
  4. You can see the zoom level slider, which you can drag up to 200 to zoom in and 50 to zoom out.
  5. The default zoom size is 100.
Additional Info

You can also adjust the chat font with the “Chat Font Scaling” slider. You can increase the font size to 24px and decrease it to 12px. The default size is 16px.

Similarly, to improve your readability, you can adjust the gap between the two messages under “Appearance” in “User Settings. Just drag the slider to the right (up to 24px) to increase the gap or to the left (0px) to decrease the gap. The default size is 16px.

Method #3: Browser Zooming Option

Your favorite browsers also contain zoom options for you to use to adjust the zoom level of all your web pages, even Discord. Follow these steps to adjust your browser zoom level on most browsers:

  1. Tap on the hamburger icon or three dots in the top right corner.
  2. Press “+” to zoom in or “ ” to zoom out in the zoom section.
  3. The default size is 100%.

The Final Words

If you love Discord for chatting or gaming, you can adjust your screen size by zooming in or out to enhance readability and overall experience.

If you are sick of the zoom level of your Discord screen or got the zoom level altered accidentally, you can turn it back to default.

We learned how to turn it back to the default level if you do not want to experience a zoomed-in or out screen using shortcut keys and Discord’s settings.

Next time, if you face this problem, try our guide and alter your screen the way you like.

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