How To Unpin on Telegram

How To Unpin On Telegram

When you have an important chat on Telegram or a crucial message that you wish everyone to easily see without having to scroll through the messages, pinning it is the ideal solution.

Telegram allows you to pin and unpin chats or messages on the platform. When you pinned a chat or message and no longer need it, you can comfortably unpin it with simple steps.

Quick Answer

You can pin or unpin a chat or a message in a public group if you are the admin or a private group if you are a member. For the case of a chat, locate the pinned chat at the top of the conversation window, long-press on it, and tap the unpin icon at the top. For the case of messages, open the Telegram group or channel where you’ve pinned a message and tap the “X” button next to the pinned message. Confirm your action to complete unpinning the message.

We will see steps to pin chats and messages on Telegram. Still, we will detail how you unpin the pinned chats or messages in the simplest way. The steps presented work for iOS and Android. Let’s begin!

Why Pin on Telegram?

When you are in a public Telegram group, you can only pin a message if you are the admin or owner of the particular Telegram group. For private Telegram group chats, members can pin a message without being the admin.

Still, anyone can pin chats on their main Telegram conversation window. In such a case, the purpose of pinning the chats is to enable quick referencing of the chats, especially when you have multiple chats in your conversation window.

When you want people in a Telegram group to note a specific message you’ve shared in the particular Telegram group, pinning it will do. That way, everyone will see the pinned message at the top of the Telegram group.

How To Pin on Telegram

Different reasons can make you want to pin messages or chats on Telegram. Whatever your reason, we will see the different steps to pin on Telegram conveniently.

Pin Messages in a Group

You can also pin a given message in a Telegram group. The pinned message will remain at the group’s top; everyone can easily see it. Many pinned messages are announcements that everyone should take note of.

  1. Open the particular Telegram group.
  2. Find the target message you want to pin and tap on it.
  3. Tap the pin icon from the listed options on the menu that will appear.

That’s it.

Pin Chats on Telegram

You can pin chat with these simple steps when you have multiple chats on Telegram and don’t want to lose sight of a particular chat.

  1. Open your Telegram app.
  2. Find the target chat you want to pin.
  3. Long-press on the chat.
  4. Tap the pin icon that will appear at the top.

You will notice that the pinned chat will immediately get pushed to the top and remain there even when you have new conversations.

How To Unpin on Telegram

When you’ve pinned a chat or message, knowing how to unpin it whenever necessary makes sense.

How To Unpin a Chat

When you no longer need a given chat to remain at the top, unpinning it will do the trick.

  1. Open your Telegram app.
  2. Find the pinned chat at the top.
  3. Long-press on it and hit the unpin icon.

The chat will be moved to the other chats and won’t have any priority again to appear at the top unless you get new messages in the conversation.

How To Unpin a Message

Are you tired of seeing the pinned message on Telegram? Here’s how to unpin it.

  1. Open your Telegram app and access the group containing the pinned message.
  2. Locate the pinned chat at the top.
  3. Tap the “X” button next to it.
  4. Confirm your action.

Telegram will immediately unpin the particular message.


Pinning and unpinning on Telegram is straightforward. We’ve discussed different options to pin and unpin chats or messages on Telegram. You can now unpin on Telegram.

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