What Are the Pls Commands in Discord?

What Are The Pls Commands In Discord

Discord stands out from other social media apps because of its highly customizable features and ability to work with bots and addons for a better user experience.

While Discord serves some users as a messaging and video calling platform, it’s especially popular with gamers who link their accounts to extensions that offer additional gaming tools for a better gaming experience.

Part of customizing your Discord account is utilizing commands for various activities. You’ve likely heard pls commands if you’re familiar with basic Discord commands. So, what exactly are pls commands on Discord?

Quick Answer

Pls commands on Discord are direct orders you input to instruct the Dank Memer multipurpose bot. Dank Memer helps users have more fun by giving access to memes, gaming currency, image manipulation, and much more. Bots like Dank Memer use commands to perform automated tasks within Discord. Usually, bot commands have prefixes. In this case, ‘Pls’ is the prefix for Dank Memer commands. Examples of Dank Memer commands include ‘pls give’ or ‘pls pstmemes.’

In this post, we will discuss more about pls commands on Discord and how to use them.

Overview of Pls Commands on Discord

Dank Memer is a Discord bot that uses pls commands to play games and have fun with memes. Dank Memer has several features, but the most popular is currency/economy.

This economy feature uses pls commands to help you earn, steal, sell, buy or lose money when playing specific games on Discord. Besides currency, Dank Memer has other features that also use pls commands. They include image manipulation, animal, utility, and configuration commands.

Dank Memer’s meme bot is popular and has over 100 dedicated commands. Using pls commands with the Dank Memer bot on Discord is relatively easy. You just need to enter the ‘pls’ prefix followed by the command, and the bot will perform the task.

For example, if you’re playing a game and need help with basic information, you can use the command pls help. Dank Memer will respond by displaying corresponding information to help with the game.

Another way to use pls commands is with Dank Memer’s currency meme function. This feature offers you coins for posting memes. For example, when posting memes, you can enter the command pls postmemes or pls pm. The bot will respond by posting trending memes.

Next, we cover basic ‘pls commands’ on Discord and games on Dank Memer that utilize these commands.

Using Pls Command on Discord

To use pls commands on Discord, you’ll need to link your account to the Dank Memer bot. Afterward, you can choose which of the bot’s features you like best. Before exploring all the bot’s features, try running one of the basic commands, pls help.

This command gives you a list of all the commands Dank Memer supports. This way, you’ll know which commands work with specific features. For example, if you like memes, you can use the pls meme or pls pm to get memes from Reddit and post them to your server.

As noted earlier, currency/economy is the most popular Dank Memer feature. Examples of currency pls commands include pls give to give coins to another player, pls beg to borrow coins, or pls steal@user to steal another user’s coins. You can get a description of all the commands by using pls help.

Another popular use of pls commands on Discord is playing Dank Memer games with friends. Examples of famous games include Guess, Fight, RPS, TicTacToe, and Connect4.

In the Guess game, you have to guess the correct number from those provided by the bot. It uses the command pls guess or pls hint when you want a clue.

In the fight game, you choose a username to play the game with then the bot will suggest attack methods and strength levels. The running command is pls fight@username. The first player to lose their strength in the game is the loser.

In addition to gaming, Dank Memer pls commands are also excellent for making funny comebacks when chatting with friends on a server.

For example, when someone says something on the server, you can use the pls clap<your response> to make the bot respond with a funny sound. You can also use commands like pls emojify or pls mock.


Pls commands on Discord are direct commands you feed to the Dunk Memer bot to perform specific tasks.

Dank Memer is famous for its gaming, meme, and fun features. When using Dunk Memer, the commands you use depend on the activity.

There are specific pls commands for memes, games, animals, or image manipulation. Examples of standard pls commands include pls help, pls pm, pls fight@username, or pls steal.

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