How To Track a Scammer on Telegram

How To Track A Scammer On Telegram

Different social platforms, such as Telegram, have enhanced communication.

You can easily chat or call someone online and engage in different activities without meeting them.

When using a platform like Telegram, there are plenty of scams to be aware of.

Many scammers target Telegram; unless you know how to track a scammer on Telegram, you will easily get scammed.

So, how to go about tracking a scammer on Telegram?

Quick Answer

Telegram scammers take different approaches. However, most will try to stage phishing attacks, bot attacks, and crypto scams. You can track a scammer in different ways. The common ones include fake Telegram channels, fake job listings, suspicious giveaways, tech supports scams, impersonation, and “crypto expert” scams. Moreover, you will see scammers promising to help you achieve financial freedom with various fake evidence of their lifestyle.

When dealing with Telegram, you should know the different ways of tracking scammers and their approaches. We will discuss the common approaches you should know to ensure you comfortably track a scammer.

Why Do Scammers Target Telegram?

Telegram has various ways of enhancing your security. Due to this, many people prefer using Telegram as their secure messaging platform.

Scammers understand this and take this opportunity to stage their scams as many Telegram users believe they are safe using Telegram and neglect to take various measures to track and avoid Telegram scams.

Furthermore, Telegram has millions of users. As such, there is a large pool of potential victims that the Telegram scammers can exploit.

A Telegram scam is a fraudulent scheme that someone performs on the Telegram platform to steal sensitive data or share malware with the target.

You risk getting scammed when you don’t know how to track Telegram scams.

How Do Telegram Scams Work?

There are four main ways that people execute Telegram scams.

The scammers can expound on the methods to create numerous scams using the four approaches.

Let’s first discuss the four main approaches.

Type #1: Crypto Scams

With this approach, the scammer will try to convince their target about cryptocurrencies.

They may talk about how they are experts or how there is a new opportunity that you should grab.

Again, the scammer may try to make you subscribe to a platform using cryptocurrencies, as you can’t track them that way.

Type #2: Social-Engineering

The scammer will employ various tricks that target people to reveal their information without noticing it.

The idea is to convince the target and have them give out their sensitive information without realizing they are getting scammed.

Social engineering is part of a phishing attack; the two work similarly.

Type #3: Bot Attacks

The scammer can program a Telegram bot that gives them access to your data.

For instance, the bot can help the scammer access your cookies, saved passwords, steal credentials, etc.

The bot acts as malware, creating a backdoor and stealing your information once installed or added to your Telegram.

Type #4: Off-Platform Attacks

Here, the scammers will employ scams that try to make the target go to other platforms that are not Telegram.

They can share a link that directs you to an insecure platform where they can rip you off your data.

How To Track a Scammer on Telegram

We’ve seen the various approaches employed by Telegram scammers to stage their scams.

Next, we need to discuss different ways of tracking a scammer on Telegram.

Here’s how to track a scammer on Telegram.

Fake Telegram Channels

Fake Telegram Channels

There are numerous fake channels on Telegram.

So, stay alert about the channel you join and avoid downloading any media files shared in the channel or tapping on any links.

Fake Jobs

Fake Jobs Telegram

When someone shares job listings, ensure you perform due diligence.

Many scammers share fake job listings to collect your information and use them to scam you or even hack your accounts.


Giveaways Telegram

When someone texts you about giveaways accompanied by malicious links, that’s a scammer.

Avoid clicking on any links or showing interest in their giveaways.


Lookout for people who pretend to be someone else.

Someone can impersonate the Telegram admin to scam you.

Tech Support Scams

Someone can text you on Telegram pretending to be the support team for Telegram.

They aim to make you reveal your sensitive information regarding your Telegram account.

They can end up hijacking your Telegram account.

“Crypto Expert” Scams

Crypto Expert Scams Telegram

If someone texts you on Telegram claiming they are crypto experts and want to allow you to make money, that’s a red flag.

The person can even share pictures or bank balances to prove their success. Kindly don’t fall for this scam.


Telegram scammers are real and employ various tricks to scam people.

We’ve discussed their approaches and the multiple ways to track a scammer on Telegram.

Check them out and stay alert!

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