How To Stop Zoom From Minimizing

How To Stop Zoom From Minimizing

Zoom is commonly used for videoconferencing or remote meetings. Moreover, you can use it for remote interviews or having Zoom calls and parties with your friends in different locations.

With Zoom, you can share your screen, text on the chat section, speak with friends, hide your camera, etc. Many Zoom users have issues with stopping Zoom from minimizing, and if you are among the users, we will give you a helping hand to solve the problem.

Quick Answer

When an application is open on your desktop, clicking the minimize button should send the application to your taskbar. However, for Zoom, the minimize button will open a minimized Zoom window instead of sending it to the taskbar. To stop Zoom from minimizing, locate your taskbar while Zoom is open and right-click on the Zoom icon and click the “close window.” For MacOS, click the yellow circle at the top of the Zoom window.

We will discuss how to minimize Zoom correctly to prevent it from opening a minimized window. Moreover, we will cover a few commonly asked Zoom questions.

What Happens When You Click the Minimize Zoom Button?

You may want to shift from Zoom and open another window to perform other tasks. Or want to listen to the Zoom audio and not watch the video. In such a case, minimizing the Zoom window will pave the way for using other windows on your screen.

The general way to minimize a PC window is to click the hyphen icon at the top of its toolbar. The current window will be sent to the taskbar when you click it. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen for Zoom.

Clicking the minimize button on the Zoom window will only open a minimized Zoom window. That’s how Zoom has set its application. If you are frustrated with this feature, we will show you how to stop Zoom from minimizing in the next section.

How To Stop Zoom From Minimizing?

When you want to stop Zoom from minimizing when you click the minimize button at the top, the secret is to minimize Zoom from the taskbar icon instead of its minimize button.

This issue mainly faces Zoom users working on the desktop. So, locate the Zoom icon on your taskbar and right-click on it. A menu window will open. Click the option for “Close Window” to completely send Zoom to the taskbar and stop it from opening the minimized window.

You can quickly send Zoom to the dock for macOS users by tapping the yellow circle at the top. For your case, Zoom will conveniently dock without minimizing itself on your main screen.


If you are trying to send Zoom to the taskbar and it minimizes itself, the trick is to close Zoom from the taskbar. That way, it won’t open a minimized window, and you will have successfully stopped Zoom from minimizing.

We’ve discussed what happens when you click the Zoom minimize button and explained the steps to follow when you want to stop Zoom from minimizing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you minimize Zoom while in a meeting?

Yes, you can. When in speaker mode or when you’ve opened Zoom and don’t want to remain on the window, there is a minimize button at the top. When you click on it, Zoom will show a minimized version. That way, you can continue with your other tasks with minimal interference on the screen.

How do I minimize Zoom completely?

When you don’t want Zoom to open a minimized window, you can minimize it using its icon. Locate the Zoom taskbar at the bottom and right-click on it. next, click the option for “Close window.” Zoom will then dock in your taskbar, and you won’t see its minimized window on your screen.

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