How To Find IP Address From Discord

How To Find Ip Address From Discord

Gamers and developers mainly use Discord for communication because of its unique features, and people are curious about how they can get the IP address of the other person.

It could be you want to enjoy games like Minecraft; in that case, knowing someone’s IP address will come in handy.

The main question is, can you find someone’s IP address from Discord?

Quick Answer

People have had success in getting the IP addresses of others on Discord using various ways.

You can use the command prompt on Windows to analyze the traffic using the netstat command and look up the obtained codes to get the IP address.

Also, you can use the Discord IP resolver to find someone’s IP using their Discord user ID.

Lastly, you can use a Discord IP grabber, which reveals the user’s IP address when clicked.

We will discuss the three ways of getting someone’s IP address from Discord and the steps to follow. You will find one that works for your case from the presented methods. Stick around.

Can You Find Someone’s IP Address from Discord?

IP addresses reveal someone’s location (at least a region/country), and Discord doesn’t offer a direct way of getting someone’s IP address as that violates users’ privacy.

Nonetheless, you can bypass this and use other tools to find someone’s IP address from Discord.

Read the next section if you must find someone’s IP address using Discord.

How To Find IP Address from Discord

You must use external tools to find someone’s IP address from Discord. Let’s see three ways you can do it.

Method #1: Using Windows Command Prompt

Windows PCs have a command prompt that lets you perform various activities, including analyzing connections to your system and browser.

Note: The target person must be online for this method to work.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Close all running apps and browsers except the one you will use.
  2. Open Discord via the website and access your account.Open Discord Via The Website And Access Your Account.
  3. Open the command prompt on your PC.Open The Command Prompt On Your Pc.
  4. Chat with the target person on your Discord account and give them reasons to keep chatting.Chat With The Target Person
  5. On your command prompt, type netstat -an.On Your Command Prompt, Type Netstat -An.
  6. Keep chatting with the target person until you see their code on the command prompt displaying the state as “Established”.Command Prompt Displays Established.
  7. Lastly, copy the IP address.Copy The Ip Address.

Method #2: Using Discord IP Grabber/Logger

With a reliable IP logger, you can generate a link to a site that your target person frequently visits and share the link with them.

Once they click on the link, the traffic will first channel through the IP logger, and that way, you can detect their IP without them knowing.

Here’s how to use the Grabify IP logger.

  1. Copy the URL of a site your target person usually interacts with.Copy The Url Of A Site Your Target Person Usually Interacts With.
  2. Visit the Grabify website and paste the copied URL.Paste The Url On Grabify
  3. Click on the “Create URL” option.Create The Url
  4. Copy the shortened URL and note the IP address you are tracking displayed on the Grabify screen.Copy The New Url
  5. Open Discord and send them the copied link when chatting with the target person.Open Discord, And Send Them The Copied Link
  6. Once they click the link, open Grabify and click the “Tracking Code” button.Click The Tracking Code Button
  7. Locate the entry containing the shortened URL generated before. You will find the details of the IP address.You Will Find The Details Of The Ip Address.

The IP address displayed is that of your target person. Not that this method requires social-engineering tactics to make the target person willingly click on the link for it to work.

Method #3: Using Discord IP Resolver

The Discord IP resolver is a tool that utilizes the Discord user ID to get the IP address of someone online.

Use the steps below:

  1. Open Discord and open the settings.Navigate To User Settings Discord
  2. Tap on the “Advanced” option.Select Advanced Under App Settings.
  3. Enable the “Developer Mode” option.Turn On The Developer Mode
  4. Once enabled, click on “Esc”.Click On Esc
  5. Locate your target person, right-click on their Discord username, and click the “Copy Id” from the listed options.Copy Server Id Discord
  6. Open the Discord IP Resolver site.Open The Discord Ip Resolver Site.
  7. Paste the copied ID and click the “Resolve” button.Paste The Copied Id And Click The Resolve Button
  8. The target person’s IP address will be generated and displayed on the screen.The Target Person's Ip Address Will Be Displayed

Hopefully, you managed to use any of the methods to find the IP address of your target person using Discord.


We’ve seen three methods you can use to find someone’s IP address from Discord, and by following the presented steps, you will manage to find your target person’s IP address.

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