How To Skip a Song on Discord

Skipping A Song On Discord

Discord offers users plenty of features to make them keep using the platform.

You can create servers on Discord and connect with friends via groups and channels. It gets better since when you are on a server, all members can listen to the same music in real time.

Besides, you can control the music playing, including invoking the skip command or taking a vote to skip a given song. You can get more options for skipping songs on Discord when using bots.

Quick Answer

The default command to skip songs on Discord is !skip, and it works when you have less than three members in the channel. If there are more members, you may need to vote to skip a song, and 75% of votes determine what to do with the song.

Alternatively, refer to the bot’s commands to skip the song if you’ve added a music bot to your server. Different bots offer different options for skipping songs.

We will discuss the steps for playing music on Discord using various options. Next, we will mention how to skip songs depending on the method you use to play music on Discord. Read on!

How Can You Play and Skip Songs on Discord?

Discord has plenty of features that you can use for various activities. To play songs on Discord, you need to create a server.

Once you have a server, you can utilize the options for playing songs. Besides, you require a music bot to play songs on Discord. You can connect your premium Spotify account to Discord if you don’t have a bot.

Method #1: Play Songs Using Spotify

Discord offers integrations with Spotify when you don’t want to use a bot to play music. Follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Discord desktop app.Open Discord Pc Application
  2. Click on the settings icon at the bottom of the screen.Navigate To User Settings Discord
  3. From the available options, click on “Connections” and select “Spotify”.Click On Connections And Select Spotify.
  4. On the next page, you must click the “Agree” button and sign in to your Spotify account.Sign In To Your Spotify Account
  5. Once the two connect, under the “Connection section” on Discord, enable the “Display on profile” option.Enable The Display On Profile Option.
  6. Play a song on Spotify and tap the Profile icon to invite a Discord friend to listen to the song with you.Tap The Profile Icon To Invite A Discord Friend

With this method, you can skip a song on Discord by skipping it on your Spotify account.

Method #2: Play Songs Using a Music Bot

Discord allows the use of various bots to play music.

The bots help automate tasks, and you can add a music bot to your server and use it with its various commands to play songs from platforms like YouTube by adding the song’s name or URL.

There are plenty of music bots, and we will use the FredBoat bot for this case.

  1. Start by visiting the FredBoat page.Start By Visiting The Fredboat Page.
  2. Click the option for “Invite to Server”.Click The Option For Invite To Server.
  3. Select the server you want to use and click the “Authorize” button at the bottom.Tap Authorize At The Bottom.
  4. The bot will install on your server and display various commands to use for playing songs.
  5. To play a song, type this command ;;play [URL] or ;;play [song's name].

Once the songs start playing, anyone on the server will listen to the same song.

Suppose someone wants to skip this song; there are plenty of commands available for the FredBoat bot command to use. Check them out using this link.

Let’s see some examples:

  1. /skip first – the command dictates the bot to skip the songs at the top of the queue.
  2. /skip number – if you want to skip a song in a given queue number, specify the queue number to skip it.
  3. /skip user – the command dictates the bot to skip tracks added by the specified user.
  4. /vote skip – the command allows members to vote on whether to skip the current song or not.

If using a different music bot, refer to the commands the given bot offers for skipping songs on Discord, as the commands differ between bots.


Discord allows users to create servers and play songs on the server by connecting to a music bot or directly from their Spotify account.

To skip a song on Discord when connected to Spotify, skip the song on your Spotify account.

Using a music bot, refer to the bot’s command for skipping songs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I link my Spotify with Discord?

Yes, you can. The only catch is that you must have a premium Spotify account. If you do, open settings on Discord, and under the “Connections” section, tap “Spotify” and authorize the action by signing into your Spotify account. Once the two connect, you can play songs on Spotify and invite people on Discord to listen to the songs.

What is the Discord command to skip songs?

To skip songs on Discord, use the “!skip” command. If using a music bot, such as FredBoat music bot, refer to the various commands it offers for skipping songs.

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