How To Grant Discord Administrator Permissions

How To Grant Discord Administrator Permissions

When you own a Discord server containing large members, it makes sense that you may want to add someone as an administrator to help manage the group.

You could want to promote a loyal member to help with the administrative task, such as kicking out members.

Are you stuck on creating a Discord administrator? Do you want to know how to grant admin permissions on Discord? Read on.

Quick Answer

Before assigning a member administrator permission, you must create the administrator role on your Discord server. Next, set the role to be an administrator and name it. Open the list of members, locate the member you want to grant the role, right-click on their name, and tap “Roles”. Finalize to grant the member the administrator roles for the particular server.

Assigning administrator permissions is a task for the server owner. This guide details the necessary steps for creating a Discord server role, adding permissions, and assigning the role to a member. Let’s dive in!

How To Grant Discord Administrator Permissions

Any Discord user can quickly create a server and add members to it.

When your server has many members, managing the server is challenging for a single user, the server owner. Hence, adding an administrator can ease things.

The administrator performs administrative tasks similar to the server owner, with a few limitations.

Two key steps are needed to successfully grant Discord administrator privileges: creating and assigning the role to a member.

Step #1: Creating a Role and Setting Permissions

Discord assigns permissions to users via roles. So, you must have a role before assigning the role to a member. You can create a role with any name and assign it different permissions.

Here’s how to create a Discord role:

  1. Open your Discord application.
  2. Locate your server and tap on its name to open its context menu.
  3. Tap on the “Server settings” option.
  4. Click the “Roles” tab and click the “Create Role” option.
  5. Add the details of the new role, including its name. Name it “Admin”. You can edit the other details, such as the color.
  6. Click on the “Permissions” tab.
  7. Scroll down to “Advanced Permissions” and enable the “Administrator” option.
  8. Save the changes.

You now have a role named “Admin” with administrator privileges. The next step is to assign a new role to a member.

Step #2: Assigning the Admin Role to a Member

Your Discord roles are inactive until you assign them to someone. In our case, we must grant one or more users the admin role to execute the administrator privileges.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the “Server Settings” section as we did earlier.
  2. Under the “User Management” section, click on the “Members” button.
  3. A list of members will open. Locate your target member and tap on the plus icon next to the member’s name.
  4. Select the created role and tap on it to assign it to the member.

You’ve managed to grant Discord administrator permissions to the target member.

The new administrator can now execute different tasks courtesy of the newly assigned role. As the server owner, you can add and remove roles from different members anytime.

You remain the primary administrator for the given server, and the administrator can’t kick you out of the server but can ban or kick out other members from your server.

Therefore, ensure you only assign the administrator role to someone you trust to handle the server with integrity and diligence.


Granting administrator permissions to a member on Discord involves two steps.

First, create the administrator role on your Discord server settings.

Once your role is created, open the list of members and assign the role to the target user you want to make your admin.

This guide details everything about granting administrator privileges on Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you grant Discord administrator permissions?

To grant someone administrator privileges, open your Discord account and create a new role, then grant it administrator permissions. With the role created, open your list of server members. Right-click on the target member, select the option for adding a role and select the administrator role you created earlier.

Can you create channel permissions?

Yes, you can. A server can have multiple channels. It’s possible to create permission for a given channel. Open Discord and navigate to the server containing the specific channel. Hover your mouse over the particular channel ad click the cog icon to open its settings. Click on the “permissions” tab and the plus sign to add a new role. Add the role’s details, then assign different permissions to the created role.

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