How To Send Someone a Folder on Discord

How To Send Someone A Folder On Discord

When communicating with friends on Discord, you may want to share a folder with them.

Discord is a messaging platform, but it has a limited size of the files that you can share.

So, how can you send someone a folder on Discord?

The truth is that there are different tricks that you can use to share the folder, especially if it is large.

Quick Answer

If you have a folder less than 8 MB or have Nitro and the folder is less than 50 MB, archive it, open the DM of the person you want to send the file to, and tap the plus icon at the bottom. Click on the “upload” option, locate the file, double-click on it, then send it.

If it’s a large file, upload it to a platform like Google Drive or Dropbox and copy the link. Open Discord, and paste the link in your DM with your target person. The person can then click on it and access the shared folder.

We will begin by seeing the steps for sending a small-size folder by archiving it and sending it to the target person. Next, we will see other alternative ways of sharing a link to the folder for the person to access the file using the shared link.

How To Send Someone a Folder on Discord

Discord is a vital communication platform where people can interact in channels or DMs.

While communicating, you may want to share a folder with someone.

The key concern for Discord users is whether they can share folders of different sizes.

Here’s the thing, if your folder is less than 8 MB, you can share it.

Furthermore, if you have a Nitro subscription, you can share a folder with a maximum size of 50 MB.

For larger folders, we will see other alternative ways to share them.

Here’s how to share a folder on the Discord desktop application.

  1. Open your desktop and locate the folder that you want to share.
  2. Create an archive file for the folder, such as a tar or zip file.
  3. Once you have archived your folder, open your Discord application.
  4. Open the DM for the person you want to send the folder to.
  5. Click on the plus icon at the bottom of the chat window.
  6. Next, click the “Upload a file” option.
  7. A browser window will open. Locate the archived folder you want to share and double-click on it.
  8. Once Discord loads the archived folder, click the “Send” button to share your archived folder with the target person.

Discord will only upload your archived folder if it doesn’t exceed the expected file limit size.

That’s how you send a small-size folder to someone on Discord.

Alternative Ways of Sharing a Folder on Discord

Suppose you don’t have a Nitro subscription and your folder is over 8 MB, or you have a Nitro subscription, but your folder is over 50 MB. In that case, you can’t share the folder directly.

Let’s see the various alternative options.

Method #1: Compress the Folder

A large folder can be compressed to see if it attains the accepted file size.

So, look for a compressing tool for your device or online compressing applications.

Upload your folder and compress it.

Hopefully, the compressed folder will have a reduced file you can upload on your Discord.

You can then send it using the steps covered earlier.

Method #2: Share the Folder’s Link

When your folder is large and compressing, it doesn’t do the trick.

There are still options that you can use.

The trick is using an online file storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox.

So, open the online file storage service applicable to your case and upload your folder.

Adjust the permissions for the uploaded file to make it accessible to anyone with a link.

Copy the link to the folder and send it to your Discord friend.

The friend can then tap on the link to access the shared folder. That’s it.


This guide details the different ways of sending someone a folder on Discord.

You can directly upload the folder, compress it, then upload it, or share its link.

Use the best method for your case.

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