How To Get Telegram Group Members

How To Get Telegram Group Members

When you want to reach many people, using a Telegram group is one way to achieve that.

Telegram is an instant messaging platform with many users, and when you tap into this broad user base, you can quickly get members for your Telegram group.

When you have a new Telegram group, the most challenging task is getting members for your group, but this post will guide you on the tricks and methods to use.

Quick Answer

The first step is to add your contacts and family members to your Telegram group. Also, promote your Telegram group by sharing its link on social media or joining a platform like Quora to answer questions related to your niche while giving a link to your Telegram group. Other ways include buying members, linking your Telegram channel to your group, writing group rules to add formality, match your group’s name and username with that of your channel.

This guide covers the benefits of having many Telegram members. Still, we will discuss various tricks and tips you should use to group your Telegram members. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Why Do You Need Many Telegram Group Members?

When you are a brand or a business person, a Telegram group is one way of creating awareness about your brand or products.

The Telegram group will help in lead generation and increasing sales. Besides, when people discuss your products, services, or brand, you will get more insights on how you can improve to enhance customer satisfaction.

With a Telegram group, you will get feedback essential in deciding your next move and how best to target potential customers. Influencers also use Telegram groups to keep their fans updated about their projects.

The larger your Telegram group is, the more chances you have to get feedback, new customers, followers, and subscribers for your channel.

Telegram is global. Thus, when you have many members, you spread your brand’s awareness in different locations.

How To Get Telegram Group Members

We’ve seen the benefits of having a large Telegram group, but the challenge comes in on how best you can increase the number of members for the Telegram group.

Take a look at the below tips.

Tip #1: Add Your Contacts and Family Members

When you create your first Telegram group, your Telegram contacts, including your friends and family, are the first people you should add as members of your Telegram group.

Telegram lets you add a maximum of 200 Telegram members from your contacts.

The goal here is to reach mutual friends, so your contacts can spread the news about your Telegram group to their friends. At long last, you will have more members.

Tip #2: Promote Your Telegram Group via Social Media

Telegram is not the only platform you use. So, if you have other social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., promoting your Telegram group by sharing its link and a short description will help convert your social media followers to Telegram group members.

When posting your Telegram group link, state its niche and add a brief description. That way, anyone viewing your post can quickly decide whether to join.

Tip #3: Utilize Quora

Consider creating a Quora account and answering questions asked relating to your niche.

That way, you will create a following; the more you answer questions, the more confidence you attract.

You can then share a link to your Telegram group, where people can join to interact with you on the niche.

Tip #4: Add Group Rules

People feel safe and accommodated when they view a Telegram group with rules.

So, add group rules in the description. Anyone viewing the group’s description will see the added rules.

You can also create a moderation bot that bans or warns users that violate different rules.

Tip #5: Link Your Telegram Channel with Your Group

Do you have a Telegram channel? Yes? You should link the channel with your group.

A Telegram channel is a broadcasting platform. So, linking it with your telegram group gives subscribers room to discuss different topics or interact with you.

Tip #6: Use the Same Names for the Telegram Group and Channel

Once you link your Telegram group with your channel, change the username and the name of your Telegram channel and the group to match.

That way, when someone searches for your Telegram channel, they can quickly join your Telegram group and will be sure they have joined the right group due to the matching names.

Tip #7: Buy Members

Different platforms sell Telegram group members.

An online search will give examples of the platforms you can use to buy members for your Telegram group.


There are different ways you can get Telegram group members.

We’ve covered seven practical tips you can follow to increase members for your Telegram group gradually.

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