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How To Repost Someone’s Snapchat Story

How To Repost Someone S Snapchat Story

Snapchat can keep you glued to your phone all day, sending snaps, playing with the filters, and viewing your friends’ Snapchat stories.

When viewing Snapchat stories, you will likely come across an interesting picture or video and get tempted to repost it on your Snapchat story.

We understand, which is why we will cover the issue of how to repost someone’s Snapchat story.

Quick Answer

Snapchat doesn’t offer a way of reposting someone’s Snapchat story. It gets worse since you can’t save someone’s video, and they will know when you capture a screenshot of their Snapchat story. To repost someone’s Snapchat story, you can ask them to share it with you, take a screenshot and seek their consent, or use a screen recorder to get their video and then repost it.

We will cover the various options you have when you must repost someone’s Snapchat story and see the limitations of each. Ready? Great!

Can You Repost Someone’s Snapchat Story?

Many people wonder if it’s possible to repost someone’s Snapchat story. Unfortunately, Snapchat doesn’t offer an official way of saving someone’s Snapchat story, leave alone reposting it.

Furthermore, if you capture a screenshot of someone’s story, they will know as Snapchat will notify them.

If it’s a video, there is no option of downloading it.

So what should you do when you want to repost someone’s Snapchat story? Keep reading the article to get the answer.

How To Repost Someone’s, Snapchat Story

Reposting someone’s Snapchat story means you must have a copy of their Snapchat story, right?

But here’s the problem, how do you get someone’s Snapchat story on your phone, especially if it’s a video?

Try the methods below and see which one works for you.

Method #1: Tell Your Friend to Send You Their Story

If you’ve encountered someone’s Snapchat story and you can’t help but wish to repost it on your Snapchat, why not ask them to send the video or picture to you?

The good thing about this approach is that it’s hard for your friend to decline the request. Besides, at least you will have their consent when reposting their story.

So, locate the Snapchat story and reply to their story or directly message them requesting them to send you the picture or video and explain why you want to repost their story.

If you are lucky, your friend will send you the video or picture, and when they do, you can upload it to your Snapchat story and even tag them to acknowledge them. Easy, right?

Method #2: Take a Screenshot

If the Snapchat story you want to repost is a picture, you have the option of capturing a screenshot.

Note that your friend will know when you’ve captured a screenshot of their story.

Therefore, it’s best to message them and explain why you’ve captured a screenshot of their story and seek their approval for you to repost their story.

Here’s how to capture a screenshot of Someone’s Snapchat story:

  1. While on Snapchat, navigate to the Snapchat stories. Navigate To The Snapchat Stories.
  2. Locate the story you want to screenshot. Locate The Story You Want To Screenshot.
  3. Once you open the story, hold your finger on the screen to hide the time in the story. Hold Your Finger On The Screen To Hide The Time In The Story
  4. Once the time is hidden, take a screenshot while holding the screen. Take A Screenshot While Holding The ScreenIf the screenshot captured includes the time, repeat until you get a clear screenshot.
  5. Seek the owner’s consent and go back you the camera screen.Click The Camera Icon At The Bottom Snapchat
  6. Navigate to the “Memories” tab. Navigate To The Memories Tab.
  7. From the “Camera Roll”, you will see the captured screenshot. Captured Screenshot In Camera Roll
  8. Edit the photo, tag the owner, and then send it to “My Story”. Send It To My Story

Bingo! You’ve just reposted someone’s Snapchat story. The drawback with this method is that you can only take a screenshot if their story is a photo, not a video.

Method #3: Use a Screen Recorder

If the Snapchat story you want to repost is a video, you need a screen recorder to record the Snapchat story. Once recorded, you can edit the video and upload it to your Snapchat story.

If using iPhone, you can use the in-built screen-recorder app. Start recording, then go back and view the Snapchat story. Once you stop the recording, the video will get saved on your gallery.

For Android, you must download a screen recorder from Play Store, record the screen when viewing the Snapchat story, and then upload it to your Snapchat story.


There is no official way of reposting someone’s Snapchat story.

Snapchat is clear that you must seek the owner’s consent and ask them to send you their story for you to repost.

Nonetheless, we’ve seen the various method you can use to repost someone’s Snapchat story.

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