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What Is the Ice Trend on Tiktok?

What Is The Ice Trend On Tiktok

Tiktok trends seem to be all the rage these days. The video app that became immensely popular during the pandemic led to people doing all sorts of bizarre challenges and quirky dances.

Another addition to the long list of Tiktok trends is the Ice Cube Challenge. But what is this ice cube challenge, and why are so many women hopping on this bandwagon?

Quick Answer

To join in on the ice cube challenge, women place ice cubes in their vaginas and film their reactions. There is no thread linking back to where exactly this challenge started. However, many are doing it to simply join in on the trend.

So how do you attempt this ice cube challenge? And is it all that safe? This article will guide you through the process and let you know some expert opinions about the challenge. This way, you can choose if you want to be the one laughing or the one laughed at.

A Brief Overview of the Ice Cube Challenge

In the ice cube challenge, you take a piece of ice and put it in some part of your body. This body part could be your mouth, your ear, or between your toes.

However, some girls decided to get a little more creative and put ice cubes down under! Yes, you heard it right. They put ice up their vagina.

While attempting the challenge, girls/women must film themselves from the waist up. This is to record their live reaction while doing it. Probably the only funny part of the entire video, we must say.

How To Attempt the Ice Cube Challenge?


Proceed at your own risk! In no way do we promote doing this challenge. This information is there to provide readers with more knowledge regarding this simply!

If somehow the above description of the challenge intrigued you, here is how to do the challenge:

  1. Open the TikTok app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap the search icon in the top right corner.
  3. Search for the hashtag “#icecubechallenge” in the search bar.
  4. Select the “Hashtags” tab.
  5. Open any video.
  6. Tap on the sound in the bottom left corner.
  7. Tap the “Use this sound” button at the bottom.
  8. Set up your front camera so that everything above your waist is within view.
  9. Get a piece of ice cube from your fridge, put it in your desired body part, and record your reaction.
  10. Once you have completed your video, apply any filter of your choice to it (or leave it as it is).
  11. Finally, post your TikTok on your profile.

Most people attempting the challenge used the same sound for their videos. However, you can use any other soundtrack if you want as well.

Why Are Girls Doing the Bizarre Ice Cube Challenge?

For the most part, girls are attempting this challenge to keep up with the trend.

Although, some also claim that putting an ice cube in your vagina helps with vaginal tightening.

Others argue that doing so helps clear out unwanted bacteria or fungi inside your vagina.

Does Putting an Ice Cube Down There Help With Vaginal Tightening?

For all who think this far-out challenge helps your vagina in any way: we are sorry to burst your bubble. In no way does the ice cube challenge benefit your vagina.

Countless Tiktok users even made videos warning people not to attempt this challenge. Furthermore, even some Tiktok dermatologists and doctors warned their followers about the hazards of this challenge.

The Hazards of the Ice Cube Challenge

While putting an entire ice cube in your mouth may give you a brain freeze, it gets much more dangerous if you put it down there. Many gynecologists even posted videos to explain the potential risks of this challenge.

It is probably fine if you plan to put the ice cube simply on your vulva. However, if you believe placing an ice cube inside your vagina will clean it out, this is a huge misconception.

Your vagina is self-cleaning and does not require any such insane methods.

Dr. Jennifer Lincoln, a gynecologist from Oregon, explained that putting an ice cube up your vagina is similar to sticking your tongue onto a frozen lamp post on a snowy winter evening. It’s going to stick!

The inside of your vagina is moist. Hence the ice cube would attach to your vaginal lining and cause ice burns.

Moreover, once you remove the ice cube, its potentially sharp edges put you at risk of injury. This can disturb the inner vaginal lining and cause painful tears in it.

We recommend that all the girls stay safe and not put things where they aren’t meant to be.


So that’s the ice cube challenge summarized. It is putting an ice cube in your body part and filming your reaction.

After reading this article, do you wish to attempt the ice cube challenge? Now, we will let you decide for yourself.

Please let us know in the comments down below.

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