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What Is “WCW” on Facebook?

What Is “Wcw” On Facebook

If you’re new to Facebook and only started getting the hang of the acronyms and slang, you might start wondering what people mean by “WCW.” The platform is particularly popular for the acronym used by men and women on the network. In addition, the acronym is so huge that it has its own dedicated day of usage, which contributes to the whole meaning of the acronym.

Quick Answer

The whole meaning of the acronym “WCW” is “Woman Crush Wednesday.” It’s one of the most popular acronyms on Facebook and any other social network. As the whole meaning indicates, it’s an acronym to celebrate women you admire or have a crush on. It can also be used to appreciate women already in your life.

This article details the meaning of WCW, its origin, the people it applies to, and when it should be used.

What Is The Origin Of “WCW”?

You might have seen the acronym “WCW” from years ago when it originally meant “World Championship Wrestling.” While it still does, depending on the context, it’s viewed much differently today. For example, the origin of “Woman Crush Wednesday” came from as far back as 2010, when the popular game “Man Crush Monday” existed.

It became a hashtag for consecutive years, reaching its peak in 2015. Women widely accepted it across social platforms to appreciate women in their lives. You’ll typically come across posts that talk about the extraordinary deeds of the woman or the impact they had on people’s lives. This will be ended with the hashtag WCW or Women Crush Wednesday.

Today, there are over 100 million posts with that tag across social platforms. It became an informal special recognition for women such that any woman with a WCW tag was getting praised by one or more persons on a social platform. Facebook probably has the highest number of WCW tags.

When Do You Use “WCW”?

If there is a particular day you’re supposed to use the acronym, it’s on a Wednesday. However, the acronym has taken on another variant known as “WCE,” which means “Woman Crush Everyday.” With this, you can post your woman crush on any day of the week.

If you’re referring to a general sense of when to use the tag on Facebook, it’s when you want to appreciate a woman with a few words. It’s for women you hold in high esteem, affectionately, or completely admire. Note that WCW posts are not sexual, so you want to keep the post respectful and full of admiration.

When you want to make a post with WCW, wait for a Wednesday, get a good photo of the woman, write a few words appreciating the woman, and post it to Facebook.

How Do You Use “WCW”?

There are several ways in which you can use the acronym “WCW.” As you might have observed from the previous headings, the primary aim of the abbreviation is to appreciate or show respect for a woman in your life. However, we’ve broken down the usage in the following headings.

To Show Appreciation and Admiration for a Woman

This option can apply specifically to women in your life that you don’t share romantic love. It could be your mother, sister, relative, or a woman you’re not related to but has become a massive part of your life. With a WCW post, you can reminisce how much they’ve impacted your life in one way or the other.

For instance, there’ll surely be something interesting to say about your mother in a post. Even if it’s how she gave admonitions that shaped you into who you are. Remember, you will not be the only one seeing the post, so keep it respectful so that viewers can appreciate the woman with you.

To Express Romantic Love for Your Woman

When you’re completely smitten with the woman, a post about how much love you have for her is not out of place. In fact, many on Facebook use this WCW to express love for a woman. A flattering picture of them with a few emotional words and the tag WCW is one of the things a woman will love you even more for.

To Celebrate Women Who Play an Essential Role in History

WCW doesn’t only apply to women who are alive and active in their life. Do you have someone whose history you admire? Then you can make a WCW post just for them. Here, you’ll be expected to highlight the significant role such women played in history and their impact on today’s world.


With this, you should fully grasp what WCW means on Facebook. Use this to appreciate women in your lives today!

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