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How Many Snapchat Followers Do I Have?

How Many Snapchat Followers Do I Have

If you are a regular Snapchat user, you probably already have many friends. Unlike other social platforms, like Twitter, Snapchat doesn’t have a feature that lets you see your number of followers. It can get annoying, but luckily there is a way to tweak things and view your total followers. Knowing your audience size is great and gives one a sense of Snapchat’s family and progress.

Quick Answer

So, how can I see my Snapchat followers? Even though there is no direct way of doing it, you can play around with the Snap Map or use an estimation based on the total friends that view your Snapchat story. The most accurate way is using the Snap Map, which gives the total friends you can share your location with; in essence, those are the total Snapchat followers you have.

This guide presents three ways of seeing your total Snapchat followers. Additionally, we will discuss the shortcomings of each method and derive a conclusion on which works better and is more accurate. Sounds interesting? Stick around to find out

How To See How Many Followers I Have on Snapchat in Three Ways

The more the number of followers one has, the greater the feeling one gets. Today is your lucky day if you’ve been trying to figure out how many Snapchat followers you have. Try any of the methods below, which will work, especially using the Snap Map.

Method #1: Using Snap Map

Using the Snap Map is the most effective and easy to follow of the three methods discussed in this post. It utilizes the Snapchat feature that allows you to share your location and, in doing so, gives a count of the friends to whom the location gets shared.

Follow the steps below to see the number of followers.

  1. Open your Snapchat app from your home screen and click the maps icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. On the maps screen, there is a settings icon at the top right corner. Click on it.
  3. On the settings page that follows next, scroll to the “Who Can See My Location” section and choose “Only These Friends.”
  4. You will note a list of all the Snapchat friends arranged alphabetically.
  5. Locate the “Select All” button, click on it, then select “Save”.
  6. Navigate to your Snapchat profile by clicking the Bitmoji icon.
  7. Once your profile appears, locate the Snap Map. You will notice a line saying Sharing location with “X” friends”.

That’s it. The “X” friends represent the total Snapchat friends that you have. Optionally, you can retain the settings you added in the process or revert back to the previously set ones.

Method #2: Using the “My Friends” Feature

Snapchat allows displaying all your Snapchat friends in a list but doesn’t give their total count. Nonetheless, using this method, even though tedious, can still give you the number of Snapchat followers you have.

The steps below will guide you.

  1. Open your Snapchat app and log in.
  2. Navigate to your profile by clicking the Bitmoji icon.
  3. Locate the “Friends” section by scrolling down.
  4. Click the “My Friends” option to list all your friends.

Now comes the hassle, as you must manually count all the friends from the list. The result is the total Snapchat friends that you have. This method can work for you if you don’t mind the count. However, if the list is extensive, you may get confused or easily tire with the count.

Method #3: View Number of Followers Based on Snapchat Story

The last method involves posting a Snapchat story and seeing how many views it gets. The number of views is an approximation of the Snapchat followers you have.

Start by creating a Snapchat story to post. The trick here is to ensure the Snapchat story you post is only visible to your Snapchat friends before posting. Next, give it 24 hours, and then check how many friends viewed your story. The number of viewers is an approximation of your total Snapchat friends.

The downside of this method is that not all your friends will view your Snapchat story for various reasons. As such, the total count may be less than the actual figure. As we said, it is an approximation. But if you need an accurate figure, the first method is best.


The Snapchat platform helps people network and share stories with their friends. Over time, you can gather many Snapchat followers, and knowing where you stand in terms of the total followers is necessary. Luckily, this post presents three ways that you can use to see how many Snapchat followers you have. For an accurate count, the first method is your best option.

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