How To Promote NFTs on Discord

How To Promote Nfts On Discord

When you have an NFT project, you can conveniently promote it on a platform like Discord. With Discord, there are different ways to interact with people, including Discord servers. Besides, creating a Discord account is easy; anyone can create an account and a server.

There are millions of Discord users, and knowing how to tap into this large user base to promote your NFT project will work to your benefit.

Quick Answer

First, create a Discord server, invite members, and promote your Discord server to gain popularity with people. Ensure you define your Discord server’s rules and create moderators and admins to help manage the server. Create your channels and name them accordingly. Also, host discussions regarding NFT and participate in the NFT market as a collector. Moreover, ensure that your server respects the terms and conditions provided by Discord.

We will understand why using Discord to promote your NFT project is ideal. Next, we will offer different tips to follow when you want to promote your NFT project on Discord. That way, you will have a working strategy by the end of this post.

Why Use Discord To Promote Your NFT Project?

Discord is a VoIP platform that you can use to interact with friends. On Discord, you interact with people on servers and via direct messages. Whether you create your server or join a public server, Discord is ideal for promoting NFT projects. Moreover, there are different communities on Discord that you can join to get more information.

The main catch with Discord is how it allows the creation of a server and channels. Thus, if you want to promote an NFT project, you can grow your NFT community by communicating with members via text or voice. That way, your NFT project will gradually gain popularity, and people will get comfortable with it.

Again, Discord supports multiple integrations, which will come in handy in promoting your NFT. The ease of using Discord, support for multiple integrations, creation of different channels, and flexibility of Discord are the main reasons why people use Discord for promoting NFT projects.

How To Promote NFTs on Discord

When you think about promoting your NFT project on Discord, there are different steps you should follow to ensure you succeed at it. Here’s a breakdown of how to go about it.

Create a Discord Account

You can’t promote your NFT project on Discord unless you have a Discord account. So, start by visiting Discord’s website and creating your Discord account using your phone number or email address for verification.

Create a Discord Server

Once you have your account, you also need a Discord server to invite people to join and engage about your NFT project. To create your server, follow the steps below.

  1. Open your Discord application and sign in.
  2. Click the plus icon and select the “Create My Own” option.
  3. Choose the audience for your server.
  4. Add your server’s details, such as your profile picture.
  5. Click the “Create” button to complete creating your Discord server.

Create Different Channels

You also need to create different text and voice channels on your server. You can create voice channels by clicking the plus icon under the voice category and naming the channel descriptively.

Promote the Server

Now that your server is available, add your friends or copy its invitation link and share it on your social media platforms.

Engage the Members

Ensure your server is active by leading conversations and answering questions. Moreover, create an onboarding process that welcomes members and explains to them what your NFT project is about.

Also, create interactive sessions and voice discussions periodically to interact with members. Moreover, create moderators and admins to help manage your server.

Join NFT Marketplace

As an NFT project creator, ensure you join different markets to gather more information and be a collector. That way, you will grow your name and create traffic to your server. Eventually, your NFT project will attract attention and increase gradually.


You can promote your NFT project by creating a Discord server and inviting people to join it. Also, engage with the members to let people get comfortable with the NFT project and grow its following gradually. With this guide, you will manage to promote your NFT project on Discord.

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