How To Annoy Your Best Friend Over FaceTime?

How To Annoy Your Best Friend Over Facetime

Everybody loves to hang out with their friends to spend quality time together. With the popularity of video-conferencing platforms, it is easier to hang with friends virtually if physically impossible.

Many video-conferencing platforms exist, from Zoom and Google Meets to FaceTime. FaceTime is one service that is only available for Apple users.

Generally, FaceTime is used for casual conversations between friends rather than for business meetings. It is user-friendly and has a simple interface to help your bridge gaps between friends living far away.

Sometimes, annoying your best friend is something we all crave for. So, how to annoy your friend over FaceTime with some awesome pranks?

Quick Answer

Some pranks you can try on your friend during your FaceTime call are:

– Irritating them with your pet and high-pitched pet voice.

– Mute/unmute your microphone while sharing some critical story.

– Crank up the music to high volumes to become absolutely muffled.

– Use the share screen feature to share dark plots for a jump scare.

Not being with your best friend should not limit you from having all the fun. Use our harmless pranks to annoy your friend for a little laugh and no harm. 

Prank #1: Irritate Them With Your Pet

I don’t know about you, but I find pets and babies particularly irritating on video calls.

I hate it when people put their pet’s faces on my screen and try to make me communicate with their dumb faces.

Babies are equally irritating as well. It is more irritable when they make creepy sounds to appear as if the pet speaks in those weird voices. 

So, what if you play this prank on your friend?

It’s simple!

When you are on a video call on FaceTime with your friend, put your dog or cat over the screen blocking your face.

Now, use the irritating high-pitched voices to talk as if it is the dog is speaking in that voice. Keep doing it the entire time on the call.

Your friend would get irritated, even if they are self-proclaimed animal lovers or vegans.

Prank #2: Mute/Unmute 

This one is classic, and you can try it on every platform. 

Say something like, “Dude, I have something important to tell you about Sandra.”

Your friend will be all ears when you do something like this, particularly if Sandra is his crush.

Now, make some story up. While speaking, mute/unmute your microphone to break your story. Alternately, you can deliberately slow down when you come to some story crux to an inaudible level. 

Your friend would get so irritated and might ask you to repeat. Again do the same thing to the poor guy. Now, they will get double irritated. Keep doing it till they say something nasty to you or your network.

Fun Tip

Freeze to pretend that the screen is frozen. Let your friend keep wondering whether something is up with the internet or something happened to you.

Prank #3: Crank Up the Music To Make Yourself Inaudible

We all appreciate light music in the background to make things more serene. What if you crank up the music so much that it becomes almost impossible for your friend to hear you?

Again grab your friend’s attention by telling them you have great news. While you are about to say it, increase the volume of the background music. You can ask your sibling or friend to do it on your behalf.

Your friend cannot hear the interesting story you were about to share, and they will be so pissed.

Fun Tip

Keep moving your lips as if you are talking while the high-sound music limits your friend’s ability to hear you. When you finish the story, stop the music. Your friend would ask you to tell it again due to music they could not hear. Simple, act dumb that you did not hear any music. Your friend would be left all in confusion.

Prank #4: Share Your Screen With Something Evil

People have tried this prank on Zoom and never on FaceTime, but there is no harm in trying it.

First, learn how to use the screen share feature on FaceTime. Once you get comfortable with it, do it with your friend.

First, on your browser, YouTube app, and other possible places, open some vile or evil stuff, like how serial killers killed people, some disturbing images, or murderous stuff giving creepy vibes. 

Now, use your share screen feature to accidentally share all these screens with all this nefarious material with your friend.

Then act like you cannot control it and want to stop the screen share. While you are at it, keep going app by app to reveal your nefarious murderous scheme. 

You can add dramatic effects. Ask your sibling to shriek in pain and come straight to you with the fake blood asking why you did it. 

Your friend will freak out. Once they do, end the whole act with big laughs and a few curses from your friend on your performance.

Fun Tip

Plan the action ahead. Be fast during the act, so your friend does not get time to process everything.


If you want to have a little fun with your friend on FaceTime, then there is no harm in annoying them with your innocent pranks.

Make sure your pranks are as innocent as the ideas that we gave. You can have any accomplice to add more drama to your prank.

Whatever you do, make sure you do not hurt anyone or cause any harm to your friend. 

Do not forget to tell us some pranks you tried on your friends on FaceTime.

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