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How To Pose for Pictures as a Male on Instagram?

How To Pose For Pictures As A Male On Instagram

You’ll see hundreds of magnificent female photos if you scroll through your Instagram feeds. You may come across one or two male photos.

Chances are the pics may evoke a cringe face. Does it mean men don’t care about Instagram or are not photogenic? You may wonder how to pose for Instagram pictures as a man.

Quick Answer

Anyone, including wimps, can be photogenic. The trick lies in the pose. A wimp will instantly turn into a gallant beast with a posture that exudes strength and confidence. Broaden your shoulders, pinch your shoulder blades, put your hand in your pocket, lift your chin, face the camera and squint your eyes. Hold on to the pose and let the camera click. Boom! A majestic Instagram portrait.

I bet you’re not comfortable pouting and modeling in front of the photographer. But you can unleash the man you’ve always wished to see on your Instagram portfolio without ducking around. 

Here is a posing guide for breathtaking Instagram male photos. 

Poses To Unleash a Photographic Man on Instagram

Fluidity will make the motion and poses easier. You’ll need to kick tension and stiffness out of the door before the camera starts clicking.

Here are a few photo stances you can try to get an Instagram-worthy photo. 

Pose #1: Motion 

Stimulate a walk towards the camera. Mind the angles of your camera while doing this. Motion poses can create a blurry effect. Therefore, think of asking a skilled photographer to help you. 

You can look straight at the camera or try the sideway look while doing the motion pose. As you walk, ensure nothing obstructs you. Also, introduce props to get a candid shot. 

Pose #2: Toss Your Coat or Jacket Over the Shoulder 

The jacket or coat is a versatile photoshoot prop:

  • You can drape it over the shoulder and look directly at the camera
  • Alternatively, you can toss and hold it on the shoulder, look over your shoulder, and put your other hand or thumb in the belt loop or your pocket. 
  • You can also take a step or walk while holding the jacket over the shoulder. Make it super attractive by laughing over your shoulder. In the same manner, maintain a confident gait.
  • You can also casually lean on a wall while holding your jacket.  

Pose #3: Do the Hair Flip Pose

The hair flip will force you to move your head in a sexy way giving the photographer the chance to focus on your face.

Don’t forget your eyes. Focus them directly into the camera’s lens. 

Pose #4: Sit and Lean Forward

Sitting poses are simple and manly. You only need to know where to place your feet, legs, and arms:

  • You can lean back and cross your legs. Direct your face and gaze away from the camera. You can also do the classic elbows-on-the-knee(s) pose. 
  • Pull a seat, sit, push up your chin, pull your shoulder back, and lean forward. Sit away from the camera if you want a slimmer appearance. 
  • You can also turn the chair sideways to make the Instagram photo visually appealing. 
  • Alternatively, place the seat beside the table, lean forward, and pose. You’ll get a flattering bossy look out of this pose. You can add an extra prop on the table to make the image more appealing. 
  • Pull away from the table, lean back on your seat, and put your arm on the armrest to achieve a side-arm pose

Pose #5: Thinking Can Be Seductive 

Sit on any surface, lean forward, and put your hands on your chin. Experiment with your facial experience to accentuate the seductive man in you. Ask your photographer to shoot the photo from different angles. 

You can also do the thinker pose while casually leaning on the wall or do it with a straightened posture. 

Pose #6: Squat a Pose

Squatting broke its way into Instagram. It came with lots of variations. The females on Instagram transformed the squat into a “Slay Squat.”

Now, it’s your turn to make it an edgy macho pose:

  • Squat and put your arms on your knees
  • You can also squat and put your hands together between your knees. 
  • Lean back and push one of your legs forward

Pose #7: Pocketed Hands

The hands-in-pocket pose is a top performer-male pose. You exude confidence with this pose. You can put your whole hand in your pockets, leave out your thumbs, or try the thumbs in the pocket pose. 

You can make the hands-in-pocket pose spicy by putting one hand in your pocket and running your other hand through your hair. You can also try holding something with the free hand.

Some tips for this pose include:

  • Try moving while doing the pose. 
  • You can also lean on a wall, hold a straight gait and look directly at your lenses. Look past the camera if you prefer a vacant look. 
  • Ensure the shoulders are pushed back and not pinched in. 
  • Maintain a chin-up gaze and tuck in your midsection. 

Pose #8: The Casual Lean 

Having something to lean on can help you relax to boost your fluidity as you strike a pose. It also gives you the chance to pose with the whole body. Try these leans:

  • The hand-up lean
  • Armrest lean
  • Hand-in-pocket lean
  • Casually lean against the wall.

You can opt to lean on your side or the whole back against the wall. Push one lifted leg against the wall for a casual vibe. 

Pose #9: Crossed-Arms

Crossing your arms hide an unfit midsection. It also broadens your shoulder, making it easier to maintain a straighter upright posture. 

Don’t tuck your fingers under your hands. Expose them by placing your hand on your opposite arm. Your facial expressions can break or make the image. Don’t do a tough guy stance. Look straight at the camera and smile.  

Pose #10: The Adjusting Pose

Adjusting your coat, glasses, collar, button, or tie adds motion and realness to an image. Mind your outfit because the adjusting motion draws attention to it. 

  • Look right at the camera as you do the adjusting pose. 
  • You can also turn your side for a casual vibe. 
  • Experiment with various angles and facial expressions to see what works for you. 

Pose #11: Hand on Chest or Opposite Shoulder

It expresses vulnerability but yields an Instagram-worthy pose.

The arm will create unique lines and angles to your image, adding a touch of mystery to your photo. 

Pose #12: Downcast Look

Eye contact is seductive, authoritative, and all. But a downcast pose can yield stunning shots for your Instagram feed:

  • Look away from your camera. A 45-degree angle away from it leads to a breathtaking shot. 
  • Turn your back towards the camera and perhaps move your chin lightly over the shoulder. 

You can also use a hat as a prop for an awe-inspiring downcast pose:

  • Hold the hat’s tip.
  • Smile.
  • Look towards the hand holding the hat. 
  • Let the camera click.

You can also try walking while holding the tip of your hat. Hold a downcast look while gazing toward your side. 

Pose #13: One Knee Up  

The pose is great for a full-body portrait. It expresses confidence but in a relaxed manner. Find something to place your foot on while posing. Try to:

  • Straighten your shoulders. 
  • Chin up. 
  • Tuck in your belly. 
  • Let your body face the camera.
  • Tilt the head to your side. 
  • Direct your gaze towards the lifted knee. 
  • Put your hand on the lifted knee. 
  • Put the other hand in your pocket. 
  • Hold the pose. 

You can also lean forward and let your elbow rest on the lifted knee if you can comfortably reach the lifted knee. You can also try the knee-up seated pose:

  • Sit on the floor, stairs, or bench. 
  • Bring one knee up
  • Rest the elbow on the lifted knee. 
  • You can let your hand lay on your chin, run it through your hair, or put it behind your head. 
  • Maintain an open chest posture. 
  • Stare at the camera and let it click. 

A Recap 

As you can tell, there are many poses you can try if you are on an Instagram updating spree. You’ll get stunning shots for your Instagram portfolio out of these poses.

You can utilize props to accentuate your outfit, angles to flaunt your masculinity, and lighting to highlight your body and gait. Tag me. I would love to see how your photoshoot turned out.

If you want tips for women, read this article.

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