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How To Record Hands Free on TikTok

How To Record Hands-Free On Tiktok

Most TikTok videos are recorded hands-free as people get more creative with their content. You’ll see videos shot from different angles by the same individual without holding the phone. You might wonder how it’s possible to achieve this by recording a video for yourself. Well, TikTok makes it pretty easy to do so in two methods.

Quick Answer

You can record a video without having to hold the phone on TikTok in two different ways. These methods include using TikTok’s stopwatch or just tapping to shoot. Either of these methods will record your video with no hands, but the timer gives you the chance to get into your element before recording. You can also see the time you want the video to stop recording with the timer.

This article will go over the methods of recording a hands-free video and what you can achieve with the hands-free method.

What Is the Hands-Free Method of Recording on TikTok?

The hands-free method of recording a video on TikTok is when a creator places the phone they’re using to record at an angle while they act out their content. Anything could be holding the phone from a tripod to simply leaning the phone against an object. This method is the most widely used on the app, as seen in skits, dance videos, and sketch videos.

The hands-Free recording is helpful for creators in any of the niches mentioned above. It’s particularly beneficial for videos where you have to be far from your phone for your viewers to get the full scope of what’s happening. However, if you’re making a video hands-free and it has to have the original audio of you speaking, make you have a mic attached to you somewhere for crisp and clear audio.

What Are the Methods for Recording Hands-Free Videos on TikTok?

Creators use two known methods on the app to record a video hands-free. These methods apply to using the app on an Android or iOS device, including using the stopwatch/timer and tapping to record. Either of these methods will give you a video from wherever you place your phone, but one has the edge over the other.

Method #1: Hands-Free With the Timer/Stopwatch

For most TikTok content creators, this is their preferred method of recording a video hands-free. It has the edge over the second method by setting time limits on when you want the video to start and when you want it to end. To use this method, these are the steps involved.

Step #1: Launch Your TikTok Application

Launch Your Tiktok Android Mobile App

The first step to recording a TikTok video hands-free is launching the TikTok application. It’s a black tile encompassing a white musical note. Simply tap to launch the app and log in if you haven’t.

Step #2: Tap the “+” Button

Tiktok Plus + Tab Located In Lower Centre

At the bottom navigation bar of the app, you’ll see the “+” icon at the center. Tap on it to launch the app’s video camera.

Step #3: Position Your Phone at the Angle You Want To Record

Mount your phone on a tripod or make it lean on an object at the angle you want to record your video. Ensure the camera captures everything you want to be captured.

Step #4: Tap the Timer/Stopwatch Icon

Tap The Timer Stopwatch Icon

You’ll see a timer icon on the camera screen on the right side. Tap on it and set the number of seconds you want to count down before the recording starts.

Step #5: Select Recording Limit

Select Recording Limit

Select when you want the video to stop recording by dragging the pink line on the timeline.

Step #6: Get in Position and Record

Start Recording

Once you’ve completed the above steps, get in front of the camera, start the countdown, and display/act your content when it starts recording.

Method #2: Tap the Record Icon To Shoot

This method, unlike the first, records immediately after you tap on the record but still lets you record hands-free. You might not be getting the time you need to be psyched or get into formal settings with this method. These are the steps involved.

Step #1: Launch the App

Launch Your Tiktok Android Mobile App

Tap on the TikTok icon to launch the app and proceed to the next step.

Step #2: Click on the “+” Button

Tiktok Plus + Tab Located In Lower Centre

In the bottom navigation bar, click the “+” button at the center. This will open the app’s video camera.

Step #3: Click on the Record Button

Select The Time From Above The Recording Button

Select the time you want the video to record; it’s right above the recording button. Place the phone where you want to record, and press record.


At the end of either method, tap on the checkmark at the bottom to proceed with editing and posting the video.


With this guide, you can now record your videos hands-free as you wish on TikTok. Undoubtedly, the timer method seems the best to use to reduce the hassles of editing and cutting out unwanted pre-action scenes.

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