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How To Make Cute Instagram Story Collages

How To Make Cute Instagram Story Collages

While Instagram keeps growing, many people use Instagram stories to engage with their audience. As a brand, you can easily get more clients and better involve the public in your products or services, thanks to Instagram stories.

The secret lies in creating a custom Instagram story that stands out while engaging the viewers.

The more appealing an Instagram story is, the higher the chances it gets more engagement.

Quick Answer

You can use various hacks to create a custom Instagram story collage. You can change the background color or image of your Instagram story. Moreover, you could change the font for your stories or mix various colors to make your stories look more attractive to the viewers. The bottom line is that creating a custom Instagram story collage is a matter of creativity and a few tricks, which we will cover in this guide.

We will begin by explaining why creating a custom Instagram story collage is beneficial. Next, we will discuss tips you can apply to ensure you create an attractive custom Instagram story that drives traffic for your brand. Sounds good? Read on!

Why Create Custom Instagram Story Collage?

Instagram stories are the ideal way of engaging with your audience.

The feature allows users to post videos and pictures of various topics, and for someone looking to grow their brand or audience, Instagram stories can do the trick.

Have you encountered an adorable Instagram story and are curious about how they did it?

People are getting creative with Instagram stories, and knowing how best to hack your Instagram to create a catchy and engaging Instagram story is an added advantage. For instance, you can easily create a poll via Instagram story or engage in a question-and-answer session with your audience.

With a custom Instagram story, your audience will be more eager to engage with it, and while at it, you will get more audience and traffic.

That being said, let’s dive into the various hacks for creating a cute Instagram story cottage.

How To Make a Cute Instagram Story Collage

Are you eager to learn how to make your next Instagram story stand out? Here are the various tricks to use.

Tip #1: Change the Background Color of the Instagram Story

Instagram allows users to create various Instagram stories and add different backgrounds.

When creating your Instagram story, click on the draw tool at the top of your screen and select your preferred background color.

Next, tap your screen and hold it for around 3 seconds until the color you chose before fills behind your Instagram post.

If the color fills the entire background, click on the eraser icon and erase the section where you want your picture to appear.

Tip #2: Use Multiple Photos

Another great way of spicing your Instagram story collage is using more than one photo.

  1. Select your background.
  2. Open your album, then copy an image.
  3. Post the image on your Instagram story as a sticker.
  4. Repeat the same steps to copy and paste the different images that you want to use.
  5. Lastly, rearrange the photos, add a caption, then post your cute Instagram story collage for your audience to interact with.

Tip #3: Use Rainbow Letters

How about adding a color gradient to make your captions stand out?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Instagram.
  2. Create your Instagram story text.
  3. Once you’ve written the words, please select all of them.
  4. Hold your cursor on the color selection tool and the letters simultaneously.
  5. Slide down your fingers simultaneously.
  6. You will note that each of the letters will change to the color gradient.
  7. You can then rearrange the rainbow letters as you see best.

Tip #4: Mix Font and Handwriting

To create an incredible Instagram story collage, you can use different fonts for your Instagram story text or add your own handwriting.

Use the drawing tool to craft your handwriting using your finger.

Next, type out the other letters and make adjustments accordingly.

Tip #5: Use a Live Photo as Boomerang

If you are an iPhone user, here’s a trick that saves the day for your case:

  1. Take a picture for your Instagram story.
  2. Select the live photo and hold down on it.
  3. Your picture for your Instagram story will get updated into a boomerang.

Tip #6: Create a Poll

When creating an Instagram story, you can easily engage with your audience by holding a poll.

For that, create your Instagram story and click on the poll sticker.

This method works best for brands, especially when you want the audience to rate various products or vote on a given idea.

Moreover, you can create a collage for your products, such as two photos in good.

Then, create a poll to gather opinions and votes from your audience.


Creating a cute Instagram story collage is a matter of creativity.

When you know how to go about it, your Instagram stories will always stand out, and you will easily engage with your audience and get more traffic for your brand.

Use the tips presented above when creating your next cute Instagram story collage.

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