How To Know Someone’s Birthday on WhatsApp

How To Know Someone S Birthday On Whatsapp

Your WhatsApp contact list is probably full of friends and, in some cases, random people you recently met.

Unlike other platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp doesn’t give room to check someone’s details, such as their birth date.

So, how can you know someone’s birthday on WhatsApp?

It could be you want to surprise or congratulate your friend on their birthday, but you don’t know the exact data. What then?

Quick Answer

The good news is that there are various ways of knowing someone’s birthday on WhatsApp. You can start by checking their status updates to see if they post about their birthday. Also, you can ask their friends or directly ask the person. Still, you could open a platform like Facebook and find the target person, then check their birth date from the About section. Lastly, check their WhatsApp profile to see if they have mentioned it.

This guide begins by discussing whether it’s possible to find someone’s birthday on WhatsApp. Next, we will discuss various tips to find someone’s birthday on WhatsApp and conclude with frequently asked questions.

Is It Possible to Know Someone’s Birthday on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a messaging platform that allows users to chat, send media files, and initiate audio and video calls. When you share your phone number with someone, they can message you on WhatsApp, but how do you know someone’s birthday on WhatsApp?

It’s possible to know someone’s birthday on WhatsApp. However, you must rely on various hints and tricks to find out someone’s birthday, as there are no obvious means to find out someone’s birthday.

The section below outlines the various tips you can use.

How To Know Someone’s Birthday on WhatsApp

WhatsApp requires you to have someone’s phone number to message them. Still, users must add their phone numbers when creating their WhatsApp accounts. When you view someone’s profile, you can see their phone number.

Below are the various ways of knowing someone’s birthday on WhatsApp.

Method #1: Check Their WhatsApp Status Updates

When you are friends with someone on WhatsApp, you can see their status updates under the “status” tab.

Most people habitually share their birthday moments on their status updates. If it’s someone’s birthday, they will likely share the details on their status update.

Check Their Whatsapp Status Updates

Still, you can find your mutual friends posting the target person with birthday captions on their status. Therefore, when you note someone has posted their birthday, that’s how you know it’s their birthday, and you can note it down to avoid forgetting next time.

When they post themselves, reply congratulating them on their birthday or surprise them in other ways.

Method #2: Ask Your Mutual Friends

If you share mutual WhatsApp friends with your target person, you can message the mutual friends and ask if they know the birthday of the target person.

You can explain you want to surprise the target person or give other reasons for wanting to know their birthday.

Hopefully, the mutual friends will tell you when the target person’s birthday is.

Method #3: Ask Them Directly

If it’s someone close, there is no harm in messaging them on WhatsApp and asking them when their birthday is.

It’s hard to keep a tab on everyone’s birthday; by asking them, you can better plan your surprise.

A willing person won’t hesitate to tell you when their birthdate is.

Method #4: Check Their About

Check Their About

Some people mention their birthdays on their WhatsApp About section. Therefore, open someone’s profile and check the details they have written.

Hopefully, you may find that they have mentioned their birthday on their profile.

Check for other hints, such as their username for other platforms, like Facebook.

Method #5: Find Them on Facebook

Find Them On Facebook

If you’ve not managed to know someone’s birthday on WhatsApp, you can use other social media platforms to learn more about that person.

So, copy their WhatsApp number, open a platform like Facebook, and search for that person using their WhatsApp number or name.

Once you find their profile, check the “About” section and analyze if you can get their birth data from the details.

Hopefully, they have mentioned their date of birth in their Facebook About section.


It’s possible to know someone’s birthday on WhatsApp by checking their status updates, asking them, asking their friend, or checking their WhatsApp profile.

We’ve discussed the various ways of knowing someone’s birthday on WhatsApp. Have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know someone’s birthday on WhatsApp?

To know someone’s birthday, keep checking their status update for the day they will share their birthday details. Still, you could message your mutual friends and ask them if they know their birthday. If that fails, ask the WhatsApp friend directly about their birthday details. Moreover, you can find the friend on Facebook and locate their birthday details.

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