What Does “Unavailable” Mean on WhatsApp?

What Does &Quot;Unavailable&Quot; Mean On Whatsapp

When you are using WhatsApp, it becomes unfortunate when you call someone only for WhatsApp to say “unavailable.” When everything seems okay, but WhatsApp keeps giving you the error, you may get confused about why you are facing this hindrance.

It gets worse if you only get this error when calling someone specific or when visiting a specific area. This guide will help you understand why you get WhatsApp’s “unavailable” error.

Quick Answer

Different factors bring about the “Unavailable” status on WhatsApp. First, if you don’t have an active internet connection or the person you’re calling doesn’t have an internet connection. Still, if WhatsApp calling is blocked in your area or the person you call has blocked you, WhatsApp will throw the “Unavailable” error. In some rare cases, the error could occur due to issues with WhatsApp servers.

We will discuss what the “unavailable” error means on WhatsApp. Moreover, we will see a few fixes you can use to eliminate this error and hopefully use WhatsApp without encountering an error.

What Does “Unavailable” Mean on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp takes the lead as the most widely used messaging platform. WhatsApp is free to use, and when you download and install it on your phone, you can use your phone number to register for your WhatsApp account.

When you register for WhatsApp, anyone who has your phone number can access you on WhatsApp. You have room to text or call someone on WhatsApp. However, it would help if you had an internet connection to use WhatsApp without getting any errors.

You may sometimes face different WhatsApp errors, such as the “Unavailable” status. When you get this error, you can’t communicate using WhatsApp to a given person or anyone in your WhatsApp contacts. Ideally, you are getting a wall hindering using WhatsApp.

The “Unavailable” error on WhatsApp occurs because of different reasons. Some of these reasons include the following.

Internet Connection Error

WhatsApp is an online platform. Thus, it would help to have an active internet connection to WhatsApp. Still, if you are trying to make a call, both parties must have an internet connection for WhatsApp to make the call.

When there is no internet connection on your end or the other person’s, WhatsApp will likely throw the “Unavailable” error.

Internet Connection Error

WhatsApp Restriction

Sometimes, WhatsApp might be restricted in a given area. When you try WhatsApp in a restricted location, it will be “unavailable.” Some countries, especially the UAE, face issues with restricted WhatsApp.

If you try to make a WhatsApp call in a restricted area, you will get the “Unavailable” error. It’s worth knowing whether WhatsApp is restricted in your location. That way, you will have an easy time troubleshooting the error.

You’ve Been Blocked

Block On Whatsapp

Unfortunately, people can block each other on WhatsApp. It could be you annoy a given person, or they don’t want to be in touch with you. In such a case, the person could have blocked you on WhatsApp, so you can’t reach them.

When you’ve been blocked and are trying to reach out to that person via WhatsApp, you will likely get the “Unavailable” error blocking your communication.

WhatsApp Server Errors

How WhatsApp performs depends on its servers. If the servers are up and running as expected, all clients will enjoy a smooth time using WhatsApp.

However, if there is an issue with the WhatsApp servers, you can encounter the “Unavailable” error blocking your usage of WhatsApp until the issue is resolved.

How To Fix the “Unavailable” Status on WhatsApp

You now know what is causing your WhatsApp’s “Unavailable” error. The next step is to find ways to resolve this problem. We will discuss a few methods you can use.

Fix Your Internet Connection

When you have a faulty internet connection, you must fix it. Ensure an active internet connection and your data subscription is active for mobile data.

For the case of Wi-Fi, ensure your internet connection is active and the speed is stable. Otherwise, contact your ISP and have them fix it.

Change Your Internet Connection Wifi Data

Use a VPN

Using a VPN to mask your IP address is the best solution in a restricted WhatsApp area. When you install a VPN, you can access WhatsApp in an area where WhatsApp is restricted.

Install Vpn On Your Phone

Use Other Methods

Use Other Messaging Apps Methods

If the person has blocked you, consider using other messaging options, such as SMS, and hopefully wait for the person to unblock you.


If you get the “unavailable” error on WhatsApp, it means you have an issue with your internet connection, WhatsApp is banned in your area, you’ve been blocked, or WhatsApp servers are faulty.

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