How To Know if Someone Declined Your FaceTime

How To Know If Someone Declined Your Facetime

Facetime has become the go-to application for Apple users wishing to make video calls.

The only issue arises when you try to call someone but your call does not go through.

Many Apple users don’t know how to differentiate when someone declines their calls or is not connected to the internet.

If you have the same issue, please read this guide for assistance.

Quick Answer

Although Facetime does not indicate a message to you that your call has been declined, there are various ways to determine if your calls are being declined. Depending on your calling habits, you can use multiple things like the number of times Facetime rings or sending a text message to determine if your call is getting ignored.

How to know if a person is declining your Facetime calls may seem impossible, but it is possible by using various tricks. This guide has explained the different methods to deduce if a person is ignoring your Facetime calls. Moreover, it explains if the unavailable message means you are blocked on FaceTime and how to know when your phone number is blocked.

How To Know if Someone Declined Your Facetime

Facetime does not write any message to you when someone declines your calls.

But that does not mean you cannot tell when your call is being declined.

You can use various methods to investigate the possibility of your Facetime call declining.

Method #1: Facetime Rings

The number of times Facetime rings can indicate to you when your call is being ignored or when it is a genuinely missed call.

Facetime will ring eleven times when someone is not near his phone and then get indicated as a missed call. In such a case, the receiver may be busy or not near the phone.

But, if you hear the phone calling less than five times, the receiver declines your call.

However, it is essential to note that having a bad network connection can also make a Facetime call ring a smaller number of times.

You cannot conclude with a single sign as much as it may indicate that your call is declining.

Method #2: Send a Text

To determine if the network is causing Facetime to disconnect after ringing a few times, you can send a message, and if read receipts are enabled, you will see when your message gets delivered.

If you fail to see the delivered notification, the network may be making the call disconnect, and no one is declining your call.

Method #3: Receiving Habits

The receiving habits of the receiver can tell you when your call is getting ignored.

If the person normally picks up your calls after a short time, but suddenly, they are not picking, probably, you are being ignored.

However, you can give the person the benefit of the doubt and try calling them later.

If a person is in “Do Not Disturb” mode, you may think they are ignoring you, but it indicates they are busy. Therefore, it is essential to call them later when they are likely not working.

Is “Unavailable” an Indication You Are Blocked on FaceTime?

Unavailable On Facetime

The “unavailable” message is displayed when a call does not go through on FaceTime.

The “unavailable” notification indicates several things and does not guarantee that your call is being declined.

When you see the “unavailable” notification, it means any of the following:

  • A weak internet connection from the receiver end.
  • The receiver is in airplane mode.
  • The receiver is busy or far from their phone.
  • The receiver has enabled the “Do Not Disturb” mode.

How To Know My Phone Calls Have Been Blocked

People who block your phone number don’t want you to contact them. That means you will see a notification when you call, indicating the other party’s number is not in service.

You will not receive a notification that you have been blocked, but because you can no longer get in contact with a given party and you used to communicate, you are probably blocked.

If you try calling them for a few days and receive the same, you have been blocked.

Moreover, if you want to be sure, you can use various services to check when your phone number is blocked.


Facetime calls getting declined is common and can frustrate you when you have an urgent message to communicate.

But, if you want to be sure you are blocked or someone is declining your calls, read this guide to discover the various factors you can use to determine that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Facetime have a feature that indicates when calls are declined?

No. Facetime does not send users a message when a person declines their calls. You can use different mechanisms like sending direct messages and checking if they have been delivered.

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