How To Unwarn Someone on Discord

How To Unwarn Someone On Discord

When you have a Discord server, you can utilize a bot like the Dyno bot to issue warnings to members whenever they execute an inappropriate activity.

Sometimes, you may get a change of mind and decide to retract the warning you issued earlier.

In that case, you need a way to unwarn someone on Discord. It’s possible, and if you know how to go about it, you can quickly remove a warning or all warnings from someone.

Quick Answer

With the Dyno bot, you can manage the issued warnings for a given user. To view the warnings, use the ?warnings @username command. Once you list the warnings, execute the ?delwarn command to remove specific commands from those issued by the Dyno bot. Suppose you want to unwarn a person and remove all their warnings. Use the ?clearwarn command, which will clear all warnings issued to that person.

This guide will begin by understanding how to issue a warning on Discord using the Dyno bot. Next, we will see the commands to view all the issued warnings and how to delete a specific or all the warnings from the person to unwarn them.

How To Warn Some Using Dyno Discord Bot

A Discord server accommodates different types of members. Hence, having a way to moderate the server is essential.

With a moderation bot like Dyno, you can comfortably moderate your server, including issuing warnings to members before kicking them out or banning them from your server.

Here’s how to warn a member using the Dyno bot.

  1. Visit Dyno’s website and click the “Add to Server” button.
  2. Choose which server to add the bot to.
  3. Authorize the bot access to the server.
  4. Mark the captcha to complete adding the Dyno bot to your server.
  5. Open your Discord application.
  6. Access the server containing the Dyno bot.
  7. To issue a warning, use the ?warn @username syntax.

Dyno bot will then warn the specified member, and you will note the warning directed to the target person in the chat.

How To Unwarn Someone on Discord

When you have used the Dyno bot to warn a member on your server, there is a way to manage the issued warnings, such that you can choose which warnings to delete or unwarn the person by deleting all warnings. All that is possible thanks to the different commands available with the Dyno bot.

It could be the previously warned person has changed for the better, or you feel it’s no longer necessary for them to remain warned. Or perhaps they have earned the privilege of getting unwarned.

Whatever your reason for wanting to unwarn someone, there are two commands you can use.

1.      Delete a Single Warning

Start by opening Discord and accessing the server where you warned the person.

This first option offers a way to delete a specific warning from a user.

So, let’s first view all the issued warnings for the user using the ?warnings @user command.

Find the specific warning you want to remove, then execute the ?delwarn @warning command to remove it.

2.      Clear All Warnings

To unwarn someone by clearing all their issued warnings, use the ?clearwarn @user command, and all the warnings will be cleared. Doing so is your way of un-warning the specific member.

The member will be notified about your action, allowing them to start new and avoid getting warned for mischievous activities.


The Dyno bot is a helpful command used to warn and unwarn members in a given server.

We’ve seen how to use it to warn someone using the ?warn command.

Still, we’ve seen how to unwarn someone by deleting a specific warning or clearing all the warnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you warn someone on Discord?

Warning someone is achieved using a moderation bot like Dyno. Once the bot is added to your server, issue a warning to the target user using the ?warn @user command. A user can have more than one warning.

How to unwarn someone on Discord?

The Dyno bot lets users delete a specific warning using the ?delwarn command. Also, you can clear all the warnings using the ?clearwarn command to unwarn someone.

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