How To Know if a Telegram Channel Is Fake

How To Know If A Telegram Channel Is Fake

The support of large messaging groups on Telegram has led to many fake channels where people can be scammed without realizing it.

People are copying channels, and if you are not careful, you may find yourself in fake channels that pretend to sell products.

This post will teach you the tricks scammers use to create fake channels.

Quick Answer

When someone is creating a fake channel, you will realize they will copy everything from a real channel, duplicating the information. On Telegram, a channel’s username is one thing that cannot be copied. Thus, when confirming the legitimacy of a channel, it is advisable to pay attention to the username and see if you can spot simple mistakes like spelling.

When you are new to Telegram, spotting a fake Telegram channel can be tricky. The guide has explained the rise in scams in Telegram and how you can know a Telegram channel is fake. Moreover, if you have been scammed on Telegram, learn how to report it from this guide.

The Rise of Telegram Scams

Telegram has grown prone, with many people getting scammed to gain profit.

The rise of Telegram scams has been reported by traders who have been lured to connect their wallet with a given service, which locks your account and allows you to access it after they have stolen everything.

Some legit channels offer various services, but you must be aware of copycatting.

Before you engage in any transaction or connect your wallet to online websites, it is advisable to confirm the channel is not fake.

Moreover, if you find some channels which promise ridiculous profit margins, that should be a red flag.

Many channels are using huge profits to lure users into their traps. Thus, you should be aware of such red flags.

How To Know if a Telegram Channel is Fake

Differentiating between a fake and legit channel on Telegram can be tricky because scammers have grown their convincing skills.

Because it is easy to copy a profile picture for a given channel, it becomes easy for scammers to create fake channels, confusing innocent users.

Although scammers can copy a profile picture and bio, copying a person’s username is impossible. The username is the first thing you should check to spot a fake channel.

Thus, if you know the name of the channel you want to join, you need to compare it with the one you see and ensure it does not differ.

Scammers change small things like a single letter in a username to make it hard for users to spot easily, or they may decide to leave it blank.

Thus, if you realize the username is misspelled or left blank, that is one of the red flags that a channel is a copycat.

In short, the following are indications that a channel is fake:

  • The username is misspelled.
  • The username is left blank.
  • The channel promises huge profits.
  • The channel asks for personal information.
  • The channel asks users to join various services.
  • The channel has not lasted for a couple of months since it was created.

If you spot any of the above red flags, be careful before engaging in any transaction on the channel.

Moreover, if you are new to a channel, give it a few days to see what other users have to say before trying their services.

How To Report a Telegram Scam

It is easy to be a scam victim in Telegram, and when that happens, Telegram ensures users can report such channels so that action is taken against them and avoid scamming more people.

You can report a scam through the Telegram channel responsible for preventing scams.

  1. Open Telegram and open the chat section. Open Telegram Chat Section
  2. Search for the @notoscam bot on Telegram. The bot is verified by Telegram. Search For The @Notoscam Bot On Telegram
  3. Tag the scammer account, give evidence, and submit your complaint. Tag The Scammer Account And Submit Your Complaint.

Additionally, you can tap the three dots in a given account and choose the report option, to report a scammer account.


The increased number of fake channels on Telegram has resulted in many innocent individuals getting scammed.

The guide has explained the increasing scams on Telegram and how you can identify a channel that is fake on Telegram.

If you want to do a huge transaction on Telegram, ensure it is not a scam before you engage in it!

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