What Do 2 Exclamation Marks Mean on iMessage?

What Do 2 Exclamation Marks Mean On Imessage

iMessage is the native messaging service for iPhone, known for its various functionalities.

The service is available for people using products from Apple’s ecosystem, like iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac.

You can send text messages like traditional SMS service, images, videos, location, audio messages, and even play games.

When you receive any message, you can even react to it in different ways.

One of the reactions is the double exclamation marks emoji.

Do you want to know what this reaction signifies?

Quick Answer

A double exclamation mark is a reaction option for any message received in iMessage. It indicates the user has emphasized the message by reacting with a double exclamation mark (“!!”).

The recipient can react with this emoji to reflect they agree or feel excited about the content of the message. It can also show the recipient’s responsiveness, specifically when they are too busy to reply.

Let’s dive in and learn more about this reaction, what it signifies, and when to use it.

Reacting to an iMessage

iMessage service by Apple is sure to know how to amp up your conversations.

There are plenty of ways you can make the conversations more intriguing. You can use “Screen Effects” that are triggered by some phrases or keywords, like “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations.”

Similarly, Send with Effect menu allows you to add bubbles and screen effects like a message falling with a slam or invisible ink effect.

iMessage does not end here. It also allows users to react to a message however they like. Apple calls them “Tapback” reactions, where users can react by selecting any emoji from the Tapback reaction menu for any message.

To use Tapback reactions, follow these steps on the message received by you:

  1. Touch and hold the message received.Touch And Hold&Nbsp;The Message Received.
  2. You will see the list of tapback reactions on top. You Will See The List Of Tapback Reactions On Top.&Nbsp;
  3. Press any to add it as a reaction.Press Any To Add It As A Reaction.

Whatever reaction you select will be displayed next to the message. The sender of the message will know you have reacted to the message.

The tapback reactions menu includes Heart, Thumbs-up, Haha (laughter), double-Exclamation marks, and a Question mark emoji.


You will not have to tap the send button to send the reaction. Once you select, the reaction will apply.

What Does 2 Exclamation Marks Reaction Mean?

As we have explained above, you can react to an iMessage in whatever way you like by following the steps above.

Every emoji has an underlying meaning. Before using any, you must be clear on their significance and situation where they deem fit.

Let’s talk about the double Exclamation marks (“!!“) reaction, which is the emphasized reaction.

You can use this emphasize tapback reaction in the following situations:

  • To reflect your excitement on the content of the text, perhaps, it is good news, or a fun event shared making you excited.
  • With this reaction, you can also reflect on your agreement on some subjects discussed in the text.
  • It can also indicate the recipient’s responsiveness. It reflects the recipient has seen your message and acknowledged it.
  • It can also be used when you are too busy to reply with words. You can react to a message to be polite instead of not replying.

How To Remove the Emphasize Reaction?

You can remove emphasis or any reaction to an iMessage by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the message where you have given a reaction.Navigate To The Message Where You Have Given A Reaction.
  2. Tap on the reaction next to the message.Tap On The Reaction Next To The Message.
  3. Once again, tap the reaction to remove it.Once Again, Tap The Reaction To Remove It.

This way, the reaction will be removed for every party to the conversation.


Where words fail, emojis speak.

Apple allows users to react to any message without using words via Tapback reactions.

These reactions are emojis that you can select to reflect how you feel about the content of the message.

We discussed the double-exclamation marks reaction emoji.

In a nutshell, this emoji is an emphasized emoji. It reflects the recipient is excited, agrees, or finds the message interesting.

It can also be used when you do not want to reply to a message and simply want to show your acknowledgment as a courtesy.

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