How To Italicize in Discord

How To Italicize In Discord

Are you curious how people use different formatting options on Discord, such as italics? Getting comfortable with Discord, especially if you are a beginner, can take time, depending on the guide you use. You can use plenty of formatting options; this guide focuses on how to italicize text on Discord. So, keep reading to find out.

Quick Answer

Some social media platforms rely on various combinations to implement different formatting styles. When you want to italicize a text, enclose it between asterisks or a single underscore. Once you send the message enclosed in asterisks or an underscore, it will get sent as an italicized message. Besides, you can combine italics with bold by enclosing a text using three asterisks.

We will understand the different ways of italicizing text on Discord. Moreover, we will present other formatting types that may come in handy on Discord to give you a comprehensive guide on understanding markdown as used on Discord. That said, let’s begin!

Can You Format Text on Discord?

Yes, you can. Here’s the thing. Discord doesn’t have any text formatting tools. However, you can still format your text by utilizing the markdown that comes with Discord.

Markdown is a markup language that supports plain-text formatting. You will find the same formatting on a platform like Reddit. Read on to find out how to use markdown to italicize on Discord.

How To Italicize in Discord

Italicizing on Discord is one way of making a text stand out. It could be you want to emphasize the given text. In that case, italicizing it makes it more visible to your Discord friend or all members of a Discord server.

There are two ways of italicizing text on Discord.

First, you can italicize text by enclosing it between asterisks (*). For instance, typing *italics example* on Discord and sending it as a text will appear italicized once you press the send button.

Alternatively, you can italicize a text by enclosing it using a pair of underscores. Using the same example, we could italicize it as _italics example_ and press the send button to share the text as italicized.

Additionally, you could italicize a text in Discord by combining it with another formatting. For instance, sending italicized and bold text on Discord is possible. For that, enclose the text in triple asterisks. If you send ***text*** on Discord, it will get sent as italicized and bolded text.

Still, you could send an underlined and italicized text on Discord by adding one asterisk and two underscores at the start and end of the text. Here’s an example: _ _*I am an underlined and italicized text*_ _.

With any of the presented methods, you can now comfortably italicize your text when using Discord on your mobile or desktop.

Other Formatting on Discord

Using italics is one of the different ways of formatting text on Discord. Let’s discuss other formatting types.

  • Bold Text – You can quickly bold text by enclosing it using two asterisks. Sending the text **I am bold** will send it as a bold text.
  • Underline Text – To underline a text, enclose the text using two underscores. Here’s an example: _ _I am underlined_ _.
  • Strikethrough – Adding a double tilde (~ ~) to enclose a text will send it as a strikethrough on Discord. Here’s an example: ~ ~this is a strikethrough~ ~.


Text formatting is an excellent way to keep your text clean and emphasize something on Discord. In this guide, we’ve learned the different ways of formatting text, including italics, bold, strikethrough, and combining different formatting styles using markdown.

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