What Does “Canceled Call” Mean on Telegram?

What Does &Quot;Cancelled Call&Quot; Mean On Telegram

If you’re a fan of instant messaging, video or voice calling, creating huge groups, and channels, and sharing files, then Telegram is likely your go-to social media app.

Telegram is famous for its enhanced security features, ability to store huge files, and contact function where you can use an @username instead of your phone number.

Like most instant messaging apps Telegram has a call feature, which you can use to contact users on your contact list.

You may have occasionally received a ‘Cancelled Call’ notification after a friend tried to call you on Telegram.

Quick Answer

“Canceled Call” on Telegram means a person tried to call you but canceled the call mid-way. This means they didn’t wait for you to receive or for the call to ring and then drop. Please note that a canceled call is different from a missed call. For you to get a “Missed Call” notification, the caller will have to wait for the call to ring and drop. Typically, a missed call is one that you failed to receive.

Read on to learn more about canceled calls on Telegram and how to make calls.

Overview of “Cancelled Call” on Telegram

The internet and social media apps have been infiltrated by scammers and hackers that use accounts to defraud unsuspecting users. This is why apps like Telegram require a phone number during sign-up.

Even though you don’t need to use a phone number when chatting or calling friends and other users on Telegram, it is a mandatory requirement for account registration.

A phone number helps Telegram verify that the account belongs to an actual person, not a bot. 

You may wonder if you can still make and receive calls if you created your account using a temporary sim or a website-generated number. The answer is you can. After registration, you can utilize Telegram’s exclusive features even if the number no longer works.

Remember, Telegram uses internet calls and not the regular cellular networks that require a phone number to relay the caller’s voice. You’ll only need a stable internet connection to make a Telegram call. 

You’re not new to the “Canceled Call” notification if you communicate with friends or other people by calling them on Telegram.

As noted earlier, this notification means that the caller changed their mind mid-way and hung up or dialed you by mistake and dropped the call before you could receive it.

Next, we’ll discuss the exact steps to making a Telegram call.

Step-by-Step Guide To Making a Telegram Call

There are two ways to make a Telegram call, depending on whether you use the phone or desktop app. These steps are discussed below.

Method #1: Using the Mobile App

Follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the Telegram app on your mobile device. Open Telegram Application
  2. Scroll through your contact list and tap on the person you wish to call. Scroll Through Your Contact List
  3. Tap on the person’s name at the top.Tap On The Person Name
  4. Tap on the “Call” option at the top.Tap On The Call Button
  5. Wait for the person to receive your call.Wait For The Person To Receive Your Call

Method #2: Using the Desktop App

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open Telegram on your PC. Telegram On Pc
  2. Select the contact you wish to call. Select The Contact To Call
  3. Click on the call icon in the top right corner. Call Icon In The Top
  4. Wait for the person at the end of the line to receive the call. Wait For The Person To Receive Call

After the call goes through, it will have a ‘Ringing’ indicator. At the bottom of your screen will be the “Start Video,” “End Call,” and “Mute” options. You can tap the “Start Video” option to switch from a voice to a video call.

If you change your mind about the call and decide to hang up before the person on the other end picks it up, they’ll receive a “Canceled Call” notification. They may also receive this notification if they hang up instead of picking it up.

If you wait for the call to ring and drop, but the receiver doesn’t pick up, they’ll get a “Missed Call” notification.


A “Canceled Call” notification on Telegram means that the caller hung up before you could receive the call. They might have changed their mind or dialed you by mistake.

Another reason for the “Canceled Call” notification is you hang up on a Telegram call instead of receiving it.

Please note that a canceled call is different from a missed call. You’ll receive missed call notifications if the caller waited for the call to ring and drop but didn’t hang up mid-way.

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