How To Stop Someone From Monitoring Your WhatsApp

How To Stop Someone From Monitoring Your Whatsapp

Spying on someone without their consent is illegal. WhatsApp has billions of global users and is an excellent messaging platform for chatting or calling your friends. Unfortunately, many WhatsApp users have experienced instances where they have had their WhatsApp being monitored and only realized later.

Suppose you notice your WhatsApp is being monitored; you should take immediate action.

Quick Answer

First, check and uninstall any suspicious apps from your phone. Next, close all WhatsApp web sessions and enable two-factor authentication on your WhatsApp. Still, turn off your GPS location such that someone won’t be able to track you. Change your phone number to associate your WhatsApp with a new number. Lastly, use an antivirus to detect and remove suspicious apps on your phone.

We will discuss how to know if WhatsApp is being monitored while mentioning how someone can gain access to your WhatsApp. Further, we will discuss ways to stop someone from monitoring your WhatsApp.

How To Know Someone is Monitoring Your WhatsApp

When you think of someone accessing your WhatsApp, the thought itself is worrying. Imagine someone accessing all your chats and, in the worst-case, recording calls. Someone can gain access to your WhatsApp in different ways.

Suppose you logged into your WhatsApp web and forgot to log out. That’s the easiest way someone can use to monitor your WhatsApp.

Still, if someone installed a spying tool on your phone without you noticing it, they can utilize the tool to monitor your WhatsApp without you noticing it.

So, how can you know if someone is monitoring your WhatsApp?

Sign #1: Increased Battery Drain Rate

Suppose your phone’s battery suddenly starts to drain quickly.

It signals that an application is running in the background, causing a high draining rate.

Sign #2: High Phone Temperatures

High battery drainage rates come with high temperatures.

If your phone suddenly becomes too hot even when you are not using it.

It’s likely that someone is monitoring your WhatsApp or has installed a spy app running in the background.

Sign #3: Unread Message Showing they are Read

It is weird to start seeing your earlier unread messages marked as read.

If you notice your messages marked as read and don’t remember opening the messages, it means someone has access to your WhatsApp and is monitoring your chats.

Sign #4: Unusual Sounds and Activities

Unusual activities signal that there is a spy app running in the background.

Moreover, if you start to notice weird notices when making a WhatsApp call, it could mean someone is recording your calls.

Sign #5: Unrecognized Chats

Suppose you open your WhatsApp and find chats that you don’t remember making, such as new conversations or replies to messages.

Someone is monitoring your chats and making unrecognized chats.

How To Stop Someone from Monitoring Your WhatsApp

If you suspect someone is monitoring your WhatsApp and have experienced some of the signs discussed in the previous section, you must take action to stop someone from monitoring your WhatsApp.

Method #1: Uninstall Suspicious Apps

In most cases, someone might have installed a spy app on your phone.

So, open the launcher and check all the installed apps.

Check and uninstall any apps that you don’t recognize.

Moreover, consider checking the hidden apps and uninstalling any suspicious apps.

Method #2: Close Linked Devices

Suppose someone is monitoring your WhatsApp via WhatsApp web. You can check the linked devices and close them.

Open your WhatsApp and click the three dots at the top. Click on “Linked devices” from the menu and close any open session.

If someone monitors your WhatsApp, they will get logged out.

Method #3: Enable Two-factor Authentication

Two-step verification ensures someone can’t log in to your account without a code.

To enable it, open your WhatsApp, click on the three dots at the top and click on “settings”.

Click on “Accounts”, tap on the “two-step verification”, and then proceed to set it up.

Method #4: Install an Antivirus

When you suspect there is a spy app installed on your phone.

Download and install an antivirus to detect and remove the installed spy app.

If possible, use a paid version of the antivirus to be effective.

Method #5: Turn Off Location

Your GPS location increases the chances for someone to spy on you.

So, open your phone settings and disable the feature under the option for location access.

That way, your location will remain hidden from anyone trying to spy on you and decrease their chances of success.

Method #6: Change Phone Number

As a last option, you can change your WhatsApp phone number.

Access settings and select the option to change your phone number, then add a new and active phone number for your WhatsApp.


Someone monitoring your WhatsApp is risky and worrying.

We’ve seen the signs of your WhatsApp being monitored and offered different ways to stop someone from monitoring your WhatsApp.

With that, you can be at peace that your WhatsApp is secured.

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