How To Impress Your Crush on WhatsApp?

How To Impress Your Crush In Whatsapp

Expressing yourself to your crush in person can sometimes prove difficult because of the numerous feelings going through your head, such as the fear of messing up.

However, you don’t have to worry about that because once you get their number, you can compose yourself and try to win their heart by impressing them via WhatsApp. But how?

Quick Answer

To impress your crush, you can send them selfies of yourself looking cute, meaningfully engage with their status, compliment their profile picture, be flirty, and so forth. Of course, you need to tailor your interactions to suit whoever the crush is for the tips mentioned earlier to work.

If you are wondering how to impress your crush, you are in the right place. This article contains several tips you could employ and get you the love interest of your dreams.

Tip #1: Compliment Their Profile Picture

Assuming your crush has put a selfie or a full body picture of themselves as their profile picture, a great way to bring a smile to their face is by complimenting the said picture.

Also, you can use this as a conversation starter by asking them specific questions about the picture, e.g., ‘Where did you take the picture? The background compliments your skin color.’

Tip #2: Comment on Their Status

While most people post random memes on their WhatsApp statuses, others use it as a medium to share what they are currently enjoying; it might be a book or a movie. In such a scenario, you would appear thoughtful if you engaged with their status.

Ask what movie or song they have posted and check it out after, then return with a verdict of your own. This way, your crush will be impressed by the fact that you care about things that matter to them.

Tip #3: Send Them Media

One of the perks of chatting on WhatsApp is that you can send media files effortlessly. One way to use the aforementioned feature to your advantage is by sending your crush a selfie whenever you feel you look great.

In the best-case scenario, they will be thoroughly impressed with what they see and continue the conversation.

Alternatively, you could send them a song that reminds you of or embodies your love interest’s personality. Bonus points if the song is by one of their favorite artists.

Tip #4: Set Up a Video Chat

Many people don’t like impromptu video calls; therefore, ask your crush if they are down for video chatting and if so, you can decide on an appropriate time.

The best part of video calls is that they are more engaging than phone calls. You could argue that they almost feel like you two were in the same room.

Also, before calling them, you could draft up some fun questions to ask your crush from the internet. This way, the video call doesn’t become monotonous and can go on for hours if you please.

Tip #5: Share Your Location

Often, when people start chatting with their crush, the conversation is surface-level to avoid scaring the recipient away.

However, how about you take the bold route and share your location with a text that says, ‘I will be here today if you want to come and join.’

Your crush will either be impressed with your straightforward attitude, further strengthening their want to come to see you. Or they will be alarmed. Either way, it is worth a try.

Tip #6: Be Flirty

If you are hoping that you and your crush will develop an intimate relationship in the future, then you need to ensure you are both on the same page.

One way to do this is by flirting with them. Of course, you should be respectful for them to be comfortable flirting back. If your flirting tactics are good, then your crush will be impressed.

Also, if your crush always turns down your flirting endeavors, that is a clear sign that they don’t seek the same relationship as you do, which is still a good thing as you will know where you stand.

Tip #7: Outshine the Competition

Assuming your crush is single, other people are actively competing for the same position as you. Therefore, you need to outshine the competition.

If you must, consider researching pick-up lines to stand out. Also, be mindfully engaged in their everyday life. For example, if they mention that they are sick, continuously call or text to check whether they are ok.

Tip #8: Be Sensitive

Most people prefer a partner they can be vulnerable with; therefore, it’s in your best interest to be that person for your crush.

One way to do it is by being the first to open up; of course, you should not just randomly dump your inner secrets onto them.

Alternatively, slowly build up the conversation until you are in the perfect place to be deep and vulnerable. If all goes well, you two will develop a deeper sense of connection, further improving your chances of winning them over.

Tip #9: Answer Their Text Timely

As an adult, it’s easy to get caught up with real-life happenings, i.e., your job, thus increasing the chances of you neglecting your WhatsApp chats.

To impress your crush, try and give their chats priority by answering them in a timely manner. This way, they will be aware that despite your busy schedule, they still reign high on your priority list.


The majority of us dwell in companionship. However, getting a worthy companion is easier said than done.

In this day and age, where our main form of communication is texting, this article contains several tips to help you impress your crush via WhatsApp and hopefully get yourself a lifetime companion.

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