Why Do I Look Fat on Zoom?

Why Do I Look Fat On Zoom

Zoom became the application for daily use during the Covid pandemic. Many people who had not sat in front of cameras had to change how they operate and be used to appearing on cameras for meetings and other things.

But, one limit of using Zoom is that it makes one look fat on camera. This has been a problem for a few people who don’t know the best tips for appearing normal and looking good on Zoom.

Quick Answer

The main reason you look fat on Zoom is because of your camera angle. Most devices, like your smartphone, have wide-angle faces, and when you get too close to the camera without tilting your head, you look fat on Zoom. The closer you move to a wide-angle face device, the more your face looks fat.

Zoom is an application that has become part of our life in achieving daily activities. If you notice you look fat on Zoom and don’t know how to deal with it, this guide has explained the reasons and how to start looking good.

Why Do I Look Fat on Zoom?

It is unfortunate when you prepare for an important meeting only to find your face looking funny and fat.

Most of us want to stand out during zoom meetings, and something like a fat appearance may spoil that.

The factors contributing to a fat appearance on Zoom are explained below.

Reason #1: Bad Camera Placement

Your camera placement is one factor that determines how you will look on Zoom.

Your camera should be placed at eye level to look good.

If you place your camera badly, like having it below your eyes and angled up, people will get a birds-eye view of your face.

Reason #2: Bad Body Placement

How you position yourself during Zoom meetings can also make you look fat.

Most people love moving closer to the camera and leaning slightly back, making their faces wider and square.

It is recommended to maintain an upright posture to avoid looking fatter and give a confidential and professional look.

Moreover, you can slightly tilt your forehead to look slimmer on Zoom. Tilting your forehead slightly forward has worked for photographers and can be a good trick for making you look good on Zoom.

Reason #3: Baggy Clothes

Wearing baggy clothes to a Zoom meeting is another contributor to looking fat on Zoom.

When the camera screen is small, your colleagues cannot tell where a cloth ends because your body is made fat.

Therefore, it is advisable to wear fitting clothes and avoid bright colors that will draw attention.

Tips to Look Good on Zoom

Looking fat on Zoom can also be attributed to bad practices when attending a Zoom meeting.

Before joining any meeting, you must prepare adequately and present the best version of yourself by ensuring the following tips.

Tip #1: Check Lighting and Angles

The factors that make you look fat on Zoom are your camera angle, lighting, and how you place yourself.

You must ensure your camera is at eye level or higher to provide a slim face.

Moreover, you must also ensure your lighting is the best by having it in front of your face to avoid producing a dark and faded image of your face.

Tip #2: Style Yourself

Taking care of yourself is an important factor that you must ensure.

You must ensure basic hygiene, like brushing your teeth, styling your hair, and putting on nice clothes.

If some makeup will make you more confident, feel free to put on some and present the best version of yourself.

Tip #3: Focus the Camera on You

You don’t want people to focus on your background when you are in a meeting.

Thus, you should find a quiet place and set a background photo to ensure your Zoom colleagues will focus on you, not the background.

Tip #4: Check Your Camera

When you want your zoom meeting to be the best, you must test your equipment before the meeting day.

Testing your equipment is essential and will allow you to see how you will look during the Zoom session.

Additionally, you must ensure your Wi-Fi connection is strong and sustainable.

Tip #5: Boost Appearance with Zoom Feature

Zoom offers a secret feature that makes you look smooth and natural.

Using the feature can boost your appearance if you do not have time to prepare for the Zoom session.

Click on the gear icon, go to “Video” and select “Touch up my appearance”. You will realize your face glows naturally.


Zoom’s appearance is an important aspect you cannot ignore in this period of online sessions.

Looking fat on Zoom is a problem caused by how you place your camera and yourself on the camera and can be avoided, as explained in this guide.

Moreover, if you want more tips on looking good on Zoom, read the article!

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