How To Bold Text in Discord Status

How To Bold Text In Discord Status

Discord is one of the platforms that can confuse you when you are not keen on its features. You may have noticed some users sending bold messages and bold text for status, but you have never seen the feature for achieving that.

If that is the case, worry no more because there is no magic that they are using.

This guide has illustrated how you can make bold text on Discord chats or statuses.

Quick Answer

Bolding a text in Discord status is easy using a bold generator tool. You can choose the desired bold text generator like LingoJam. Once you have chosen your desired bold text generator, enter the text you want to make bold and apply the suitable bold formatting style. You can copy the bold text, navigate to your profile picture, and set a custom status.

Bolding text in Discord may seem like magic when you don’t know how to do it. This guide explains how to bold your text in Discord messages or statuses. If you want to be unique with bold text in status and messages, read this post for simple steps.

How To Bold Text in Discord Messages

When sending messages to your Discord friends, you can bold a text to emphasize something. Although Discord does not have a text formatting feature, users have found simple tricks for making text bold in chats.

In text messages, adding double asterisks before and after the word you want to be bold will make the text bold. Thus when you want to send a bold text message on Discord, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Open Discord.
  2. Navigate to where you want to type a message.
  3. Write your message normally, and add double asterisks before and after the word you want bold.
    An example: I am **bold** text.
  4. The word “bold” above will be displayed in bold.

How To Bold Text in Discord Status

Any text you update on your Discord status is not limited to a specific format. Because of that, users can apply bold, italics, or underlining text on their status.

Unfortunately, you must use a website generator when you want to make bold text on Discord status.

Several websites generate formats like bold, and you can choose the most suitable according to your preference. We will use LingoJam Bold Text Generator for this guide, as illustrated here.

  1. On your favorite browser, open the LingoJam website.
  2. Add the text you want displayed as bold in the place indicated “normal text goes here…”.
  3. On the left side, the various bold formats will get displayed. Select the bold format you like.
  4. Open Discord and tap your Discord profile picture.
  5. Tap the “Set a custom status” option from the pop-up menu.
  6. Paste the bold text you copied earlier and tap the “Save” button.

How To Make a Discord Channel Bold

As much as Discord allows you to set status in bold, you can also format your channel name as bold. But there is no inbuilt feature for doing so unless you exploit the power of third-party tools.

When making a channel name bold, use the LingoJam bold generator website and follow the same steps we followed in the previous section.

When creating a new channel, paste the channel name you formatted as bold in the “Channel Name” section and tap the “Create Channel” button.


Discord is a great application, and when you know the tricks of applying formats, you will stand out from the crowd and have the best experience on the platform.

The guide has included steps you can follow when sending a bold message or setting a bold status.

Moreover, if you want your channel name to be displayed in bold, the guide has explained how to achieve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change the font on Discord status?

Discord does not offer an inbuilt feature for highlighting Discord status. When you want to apply any fonts, you must find a suitable generator that you can use to change your status font and copy the text when you are done.

How do I highlight a Discord status?

If you want to make Discord status bold, use the Lingo Jam bold generator. The generator lets you copy the suitable format and paste it on your status.

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