How Much Do Discord Mods Make?

How Much Do Discord Mods Make

Discord servers have moderators who help maintain order in the server by banning spammers in the channel and clarifying different issues regarding the server.

Most Discord moderators are ever online to answer questions, delete irrelevant comments and perform other tasks as per their privileges.

So, do these moderators get paid, and if so, how much do Discord mods make for their role?

Quick Answer

The moderator role involves managing the server and most people volunteer to become a server moderator, meaning most moderators don’t get paid.

Most moderators only enjoy the benefits of the privileges they get being a moderator. However, NFT and Crypto Discord community moderators earn an average of $1,000 to $3,000 depending on their location and the project/community they are moderating.

We will understand who a Discord mod is and their role. Next, we will discuss how much money Discord mods make and conclude with a few questions to understand more details about Discord moderators. Let’s get started!

Who is a Discord Mod?

When you create a small Discord server, it’s likely that you will be the owner and the admin and won’t need any moderator.

However, Discord servers, with thousands of members, have different moderators and servers to ensure everything in the server works as expected, from answering questions to kicking and banning members from the server.

The role of moderators is to enforce rules on the server. The moderator role has added privileges, and the server admin creates a moderator. Once a member gets assigned the moderator role, they can execute different tasks that regular members can’t.

To be a server moderator, you must understand how the community works.

Ideally, you must be a resourceful person and an active member. That way, you can quickly answer questions, help members with different tasks, and manage other members to protect them from spammers.

How Much Do Discord Mods Make?

The Discord server moderator role is assigned to members committed to seeing the community grow. Hence, most Discord mods do it as a voluntary task, and all they enjoy is the buzz that comes with moderating the server and the added privileges they get.

When the Discord mod takes the role voluntarily, they don’t get paid.

However, some large servers, especially NFT and crypto communities, hire Discord mods as such servers require intense work to keep it in order. The liquidity of the server determines how much the moderators get paid.

Again, the community size is another factor in determining how much the moderators get paid. The average salary of Discord mods managing large communities is $1,000 to $3,000 per month. However, some servers pay lesser than that. It all depends on the kind of server the Discord mods are managing.

The key roles the paid moderators play include the following.

  1. Creating and engaging in relevant conversations on the server.
  2. Deleting spam and offensive messages,
  3. Banning and kicking out members.
  4. Answering questions asked by members.
  5. Passing relevant communication in the server.

Again, the roles may increase depending on the type of community and its objectives. Volunteer moderators also perform the same task, only that their intensity and availability don’t compare with paid Discord mods.


The role of a moderator in a Discord server is created and assigned by the server owner or admin.

Besides, only specific people get assigned the role.

Most Discord mods volunteer to take the role with no pay. However, Discord mods get an average of $1,000 to $3,000 per month for servers with high liquidity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get paid as a Discord mod?

Yes, you can. However, you must be a Discord mod of a large server or project. Only then can you get paid. The moderator role is voluntary for small servers, and the moderators don’t get paid for their tasks. They only enjoy moderator privileges.

Can anyone be a Discord mod?

It takes a lot of work to be a Discord mod. Hence, not everyone can be a Discord moderator. You must be comfortable with the community you want to moderate so that you can answer the queries members ask in the community.

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