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How Do You Know if a Snapchat Is Sent Only to You

How Do You Know If A Snapchat Is Sent Only To You

Have you ever received a Snapchat from someone you like and wondered if it was just for you? Or maybe you’re not sure if the sender meant it to be private or sent it to multiple people. You may receive a snap that may look just intended for you from a close one.

However, the doubt that it’s sent to numerous people may keep you up at night. There are a few methods to determine if a snap is sent only to you.

Quick Answer

When you receive a Snapchat notification of a snap, you only get to see what was sent to you. Nothing specific attached to the snap indicates it was sent to multiple accounts.

Some sneaky ways to know if it was sent to more than one person are to see the color of the snap or immediately check the Snap Score of the person. If you see a significant increase in the score, it may show a single snap was sent to several accounts. You may also judge the snap based on its content if it’s vague or private, just for you.

This blog post will show you how to know if Snapchat is sent only to you. You’ll learn how it’s possible to conclude if the snap was for you or if the user sent it to more people.

How To Tell If A Snapchat Is Only Sent To You?

There’s no direct way to find if a Snapchat is sent only to you. However, you may use the following to conclude.

Method #1: Check the Snap Score

This is one of the primary ways to see how many snaps a person has sent in a short time. If the snap score of the account is up by one or two, then the snap was only sent to you. On the other hand, if the snap score is up by fifty or a hundred, it is sent to more people.

Here’s a step-by-step method to check the snap score:

  1. Go to the sender’s profile and check the snap score before opening the snap. Check The Snap Score
  2. Open the snap from the account. Open The Snap From The Account.
  3. Click on the sender’s profile again. Click On The Sender's Profile
  4. See if the score immediately increases to a certain number. Check The Snap Score

This method may not indicate how many snaps were sent and received as they both add to the snap score.

However, you may use your judgment to identify the sudden increase in score. Also, note that you have to be quick in checking the snap score as it may increase after some time due to other account activity.

Method #2: Check Their Story

If the sender has added the same snap sent to you as a story, it was shared with more people. Moreover, they may have sent it to more friends on Snapchat. Sometimes people may send the snaps that they share in the story to other users in an attempt to increase their snap score.

Besides, Snapchat gives an easy share icon while sharing stories, so they do not need to send the snap individually.

Method #3: Color of the Snap

If you see a blue snap indicator, it usually indicates that it was only sent to you. The red or purple ones might be sent only to you but also to many others.


Purple snaps are usually for content with audio (usually videos), whereas red ones are for pictures or videos without audio.

Method #4: Check the Sender

Finding if a Snapchat is sent only to you can also be judged by your connection with the sender. If it’s a close friend who’s sending you silly selfies and private messages in snaps, then stay assured they are just for you.

A random account or an acquaintance sending you selfies, quotes, or daily life updates may mean it was for multiple accounts.

If you don’t wish to receive snaps from strangers, go to Snapchat privacy settings and customize who can send you snaps to “My Friends.”


Even if your account privacy settings allow everyone to send you a snap, you may customize snap notifications just for your friends only via notification settings.

Method #5: Type of Content

The type of content in the snap may tell a lot about who it was sent to. If you receive a snap regarding something private to you and the sender, the snap is just for you. For instance, if they are replying to a conversation or telling you something personal, they aren’t sharing this with more people.

Any snap at a public place or a spontaneous activity may signify that it was sent to more people. A random person will most likely send snaps to multiple accounts.

These generic snaps are usually sent out of the blue from accounts you may not be in constant communication with.

Method #6: Ask Directly

This may be a bold step, but if you wish to know if the snap was sent to you, ask the person directly. You may playfully ask them if this was a private snap or if they shared that with others.

They may tell you the truth or go in circles about it. This method is only for bold people as you may feel awkward asking this to a close friend.

Wrapping Up

Here’s all on how you know if Snapchat is sent only to you. There may not be a sure way to tell if more people got the same snap, but these methods will give you some rough ideas about it.

Sudden changes in the snap score, story, type of content, and the sender are strong indicators if the snap was just for your eyes or not.

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