How To Get Into Private Discord Servers?

How To Get Into Private Discord Servers

Being part of a discord server is the best way to connect with others and enjoy the features of Discord.

The two types of servers on Discord are public and private servers. Joining the public Discord servers is easy through different options.

However, getting into private Discord servers is more challenging than many think. Therefore, many want to know how to get into private Discord servers.

Quick Answer

The invite link is the only way to get into private Discord servers. If you don’t have it, ask the server member or your friend on the server to send you the invite links. Besides this alternative, there is little you can do.

Private Discord servers are exclusive to some users, which makes them more attractive. What if there is a way to get the invite link without asking anyone specifically? Read this guide to the end to learn more about the private Discord servers and possible options for getting the invite links.

What Are Discord Servers?

Discord is a social community where users talk about different things, including sports, games, homework, and family events. You can create or join a special community called a server on the platform. These platforms are usually dedicated to a particular niche for many interested people. 

Servers are home to groups of friends and their communities. It’s where you can spend time with others who share your opinions, interests, and hobbies. You have control over your interaction on Discord, as the conversations on Discord depend on the server and its members.

The two types of servers on Discord are private and public.

Public Servers

The public servers, as the name implies, are open to everyone who wishes to join. They focus on general topics like technology, game, or sports.

There’s no need for the admin to send you a request or beg for an invite to become a member of public servers.  

To join these public servers, you can use the “Explore Public Servers” option, top.gg, or disboard.org to access them.

For example, Top.gg and Disboard are websites that contain all Discord public servers and bots. You can explore them to see if you will see a public server to join.

Private Servers

On the other hand, private servers are exclusive to certain members. A private Discord server is a community where only the server’s host can invite and add people.

Also, the specific server owner can set and change the rules and required permissions of the server to suit their purpose.

Discord servers have niche communities and topics they discuss. One reason people create private servers is to boost customer loyalty.

As expected, they have fewer members. If you have been eyeing a particular private server for a while, you may wish to discover how to get into them.

How To Join Private Discord Servers?

The invite link is the only surefire way to get into private Discord servers.

Unfortunately, anyone hasn’t discovered a way to join a private server without the invite link. You may request an invite link from a member who is your friend or ask the admin. Besides this, there is no way out.

Meanwhile, it is important to know that not all members of a private server can get the invite link.

Even if your friend is a member of this private server, they may not be able to generate the link. Your only option, in this case, is to contact the admin. If your request for the invite is denied, you can do nothing.

If the only way to join a private server on Discord is through an invite link, does that mean you can’t get the link? Well, you will be glad to know that there are options to help you access private servers on Discord.

How To Join Private Discord Servers Without the Invitation Link?

You can access private servers if you are invited or have the invite link from the admin or a friend who is a member. However, you can get this invite link elsewhere.

Exploring Reddit communities is a great alternative if you wish to join a private Discord server. Reddit communities on the same topic as the Discord private server often have Discord links in their descriptions. 

In addition, some Reddit communities who are now on Discord might have pinned threads with the invite links.

You might be lucky if you are willing to research, read and explore the threads and comments. Also, ask the moderator on these communities to point you in the right direction.


Discord servers are special communities on different topics. While the public servers are open to a large audience, the private servers are for niche communities.

An invite link is the only way to get into these private servers. You can ask the private server admin, or your friend who is a member, or explore Reddit communities on similar topics for the invite link.

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