How To Know Your Telegram Account Is Hacked?

How To Know Your Telegram Account Is Hacked

Telegram has garnered some loyal users due to its incredible and unique features. One such is the ability to send large files, connect with many people in a community, and find ways to make your chat lively.

Although Telegram is secure and claims to protect your privacy, it’s not immune to hackers. This has made many people take extra steps to protect their privacy.

Therefore, some Telegram fans sometimes wonder how to know their Telegram Account is hacked.

Quick Answer

Some of the signs that your Telegram account is hacked are the following:

– You can’t access your account all of a sudden.
– You receive a text that your Telegram account is logged in from another device or location, and it’s not you.
– Your Telegram account sends unsolicited texts, images, or videos to your contacts.
– Your Telegram app or site asks you to reenter your contact details every time you log in.

Other signs can confirm that your Telegram account is genuinely compromised. Knowing what to do is vital in this situation. Read this guide to learn the essential facts about a compromised Telegram account.

Can Your Telegram Account Be Hacked?

Telegram is a popular instant messaging app. The platform has existed for many years, so it’s not new to Internet users. Besides its many features that make connecting easy, the app claims to offer users maximum security and privacy features.

That may explain why many people opt for it.

However, Telegram is not as flawless as you may think. It can be hacked by individuals looking to take advantage of people’s private information. Therefore, users ask a common question: “Can a Telegram account be hacked?

The answer is yes. Your Telegram account can be hacked in many ways.

To begin with, your account password can be compromised when a Telegram company gets hacked. This is called Public hacks.

This type of hack usually affects many users, so you don’t need to do much from your end. There is a high chance that it will be resolved soon. The company security and privacy team will inform you of the necessary steps.

Another way your Telegram account can get compromised is through spy apps.

Spy apps track and record all your activities on your mobile device. These activities include conversations, calls, and video calls on Telegram, other apps, and your general phone activities.

You may wonder how that is possible. Well, Spy apps are often an intentional way of hacking someone’s Telegram Account. If you suspect this is your situation, the spy software must have been installed on your phone by the hacker when you didn’t suspect it.

It is necessary to gain access to your device. In most situations, the hacker is likely someone close to you.

The situation regarding Spy apps is that everything on your phone is compromised. Therefore, not just your Telegram information but others are prone to be exposed. One quick fix is to check your phone for strange applications.

What Are the Signs Your Telegram Has Been Hacked?

Now that you know your Telegram can be hacked in different ways, it’s essential to understand how to detect if your account is compromised. That way, you can take the necessary steps as soon as possible.

The signs are as follows.

Sign #1: Strange Activities on Your Telegram

One of the first noticeable signs that someone is tampering with your Telegram account is if you notice new changes you didn’t initiate.

For example, the emergence of new contacts on your phone or changes to your profile name and picture are signs of hacking. If this is your situation, start by reviewing your Telegram security information.

Sign #2: Messages Are Being Sent or Received Without Your Knowledge

Messages Are Being Sent Or Received Without Your Knowledge

Another sign you should look out for is the messages to your contacts or the messages you received.

If your contacts call your attention to the message they receive and you didn’t send them, it’s a sign of hacking. These unsolicited messages usually include images, videos, and corrupted file content.

Sign #3: You Receive a Message From the Telegram Team

You Receive A Message From The Telegram Team

As one of the ways it promises to protect users’ accounts, Telegram often sends a message to users when they notice strange activity.

For instance, you may receive a message that your account is being logged in from another location. If it’s not you, someone is hacking your account.

Similarly, suppose your account is being logged in from another device. In that case, you will receive an email from Telegram asking you to confirm if it’s you.

Ensure you confirm that the message you receive is indeed from Telegram. That’s because hackers may act like Telegram to trick you into providing confidential information about your account.

Sign #4: You Can’t Access Your Account

You Can't Access Your Account

Finally, another tell-tale sign that someone has hacked or is trying to hack your account is if you can’t launch your Telegram account on your phone or your PC.

Also, if you must enter your login details every time you try to access your account, your account might be tampered with.


Social media platforms and messaging apps like Telegram contain most of our personal information. While many sites promise to secure your privacy on their platforms, you may play into the hands of hackers.

There are no specific ways to know that your Telegram account has been hacked. Nonetheless, this guide shows you how to know your account is compromised.

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