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Why Is My Messenger Sending Duplicate Messages?

Why Is My Messenger Sending Duplicate Messages

Is your Messenger sending duplicate messages? Are you looking for a quick way to fix Messenger sending duplicate messages?

Many users have reported that their Messenger keeps sending duplicates, which can get confusing, especially on the receiver’s end.

So, what is causing this, and can it be fixed? This guide will answer all your questions. Read on.

Quick Answer

Messenger sending duplicate Messages is mainly caused by a bug. If the Messenger version is experiencing a bug, it may behave unexpectedly, which includes sending duplicate messages. Also, suppose your internet connection is weak. In that case, Messenger may send duplicate messages due to the safeguard implemented when the carrier thinks the initial message was not sent due to the weak internet connection.

We will cover various reasons why Messenger may send duplicate messages. Also, we will offer various fixes to resolve the error. Let’s get started.

Why Is Messenger Sending Duplicate Messages?

Messenger is a messaging platform provided by Facebook.

You can use Messenger to connect with your Facebook friends via text or call. Messenger offers various features and can be used as a messaging platform for SMS, and charges may apply.

When using Messenger, it can happen that every time you send a message, it gets sent in duplicates.

For SMS, this can mean extra charges incurred for sending duplicates. Besides, it can annoy or confuse the receiver whenever they receive duplicate messages.

So, what causes Messenger to send duplicate messages?

Reason #1: Software Bug

Every application can have a bug that can affect how the application behaves.

On Messenger, a software bug could be why the application sends duplicate messages. It could be that the software bug is causing technical glitches with Messenger. As a result, Messenger may fail to function properly.

Software bugs are common when using outdated versions of the app. If your Messenger application is obsolete, that could explain why it is experiencing a bug.

Reason #2: Poor Internet Connection

Most carriers have a safeguard in place, such that when they suspect your message was not sent, they resend it.

Carriers mainly implement this feature when you have a poor internet connection that can hinder sending of messages.

So, if Messenger is sending a duplicate, your connection could be weak, causing delays and leading to the resending of your message.

Such a scenario mainly affects SMS. You may notice that when you send your message, it may display an error that it was not sent. Resending it will lead to duplicate messages.

How To Fix Messenger Sending Duplicate Messages

Messenger sending duplicate messages is problematic. Luckily, two fixes can resolve this error.

Fix #1: Update Messenger

A software bug is best fixed by updating the Messenger application. The updated version likely has a fix for the bug.

For Android

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Play Store. Launch Your Android Mobile Playstore
  2. Click the Profile Picture at the top. Profile Picture At The Top Playstore
  3. Click on “Manage apps & games.” Manage Apps And Games Playstore
  4. Scroll through the updates and find Messenger. Find Messenger On Playstore
  5. Click the “Update” button. Update Button Playstore Messenger

Once Messenger completes the update, open it and send a message to confirm if updating it fixed the bug.

For iPhone

Follow these steps:

  1. Open App Store on your phone and click the profile icon at the top.App Store Iphone
  2. Scroll down to Messenger.Scroll Down The Available Updates And Find Messenger.
  3. Once you locate Messenger, tap the “Update” button next to it.Locate Messenger And Tap The Update Button
  4. Once it updates, open Messenger from your launcher and try sending messages.Try Sending Messages

Updating the application is the easiest fix for the error causing Messenger to send duplicate messages.

Fix #2: Check Your Internet Connection

Check that your phone has an internet connection when sending the message. An unstable internet connection can cause your message to fail to get sent.

If that happens, you may end up resending the message, and that would cause a duplicate message.

Also, ensure your carrier network is available. If not, try moving where the carrier network is at maximum, then check if that fixes the error.


It’s unfortunate when Messenger sends duplicate messages.

This error mainly results from a software bug or lack of internet or carrier network on your phone.

We’ve discussed the two factors in-depth and offered two ways of fixing the error.

Hopefully, you now understand why Messenger is sending duplicate messages.

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