How To Get Copyright-Free Videos for YouTube

How To Get Copyright Free Videos For Youtube

When creating content for YouTube, you must adhere to YouTube’s terms of service, and that includes adhering to the Copyright rules. You can’t share someone’s content and claim it is yours.

However, it’s possible to share free Copyright-free videos on YouTube. It could be you want to share a video that is not yours. Well, there are different ways to get copyright-free videos that you can use for YouTube.

Quick Answer

YouTube will pull down any video that violates its Copyright regulations. It does this to protect the original owner of the uploaded content. So, when you must get copyright-free videos, you must rely on websites offering copyright-free videos. Numerous platforms can be used for this. Once you find your desired video, you can edit or use it without changing anything.

 Creating YouTube videos for your channel requires you to adhere to YouTube’s terms of service. We will discuss how you can get copyright-free videos for YouTube and the benefits you get from them. Still, we will mention various platforms you can rely on for free videos.

Can You Upload Someone’s Videos on YouTube?

Yes, and no. One of the terms of service provided by YouTube is that you must not upload any content that is not yours.

YouTube is against any content creator that violates someone’s copyright by sharing their content without their consent. Thus, when you are reported or detected to have violated the copyright of another creator, your video will get pulled down.

However, it’s possible to upload someone’s videos on YouTube when you have their consent. Moreover, if you can get copyright-free videos, you can upload them to your YouTube channel, and that’s allowed. In such a case, mentioning the video’s owner is courteous.

How To Get Copyright-Free Videos for YouTube

When you have a YouTube channel, consistency is key to growing the channel. While at it, ensure you don’t upload copyrighted videos, which would harm your channel. YouTube is clear that at no point will it tolerate violating someone’s copyrights.

Hence, you must be safe by ensuring the videos you upload are yours or non-copyrighted. When you upload a copyrighted video, the owner can submit a copyright claim to YouTube to have the video taken down while investigating the claim. When YouTube detects copyrighted content, it will issue a Content ID claim or a copyright strike.

The content ID claim will instruct you to remove any section of the video that violates copyrights. As for the copyright strike, it’s a request submitted by the copyrighted video owner and involves taking down the uploaded video. So, how can you get copyrighted free videos for YouTube?

When you don’t want to end up on the wrong side of copyright claims, it’s best to ensure you only upload your videos or copyright-free content. If you can’t create your content, different platforms offer copyright-free content that you can use and upload on YouTube without repercussions.

Some of the platforms to use include the following.


When you visit Pixabay, you can easily find a copyright-free video from its over 2 million free videos collection. The videos you get here can be freely used for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Thus, you can upload them on YouTube. If you want copyright-free HD videos, Pixabay is a good source.


We used to know Pexels as the go-to platform for accessing free photos. However, getting free HD or stick videos that you can use for YouTube is possible.


If you want free MP4 videos to use for YouTube, Coverr got your back. They have thousands of copyright-free videos.

You can search for any video you wish to use, download it, and upload it on YouTube. Moreover, no credit to the original owner or hidden sign-ups is required.


You will get all the required items to revamp your YouTube channel here. Whether it’s videos, music clips, sound effects, or video templates that you can edit to meet your needs, Mixkit has it.


Once you get copyright-free from your preferred platform, you can freely upload it to your channel. No one can claim they own the uploaded video because you retrieved it from a copyright-free platform. Thus, it’s safe to use the video with no worries.

To get copyright-free videos, you must find a platform that offers free videos for commercial and non-commercial use. We’ve presented examples of the platforms you can use. Go ahead and have fun!

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