How Much Is 10k Views on YouTube?

How Much Is 10K Views On Youtube

Youtubers make money based on how well their channel performs and how many views it gets for the uploaded videos. Each video has its views, and there are cumulative views for all the views your videos have gained.

When planning what strategy to use on YouTube, many creators are curious to understand how much 10k views will earn on YouTube. This post answers all the queries.

Quick Answer

Before you can start earning on YouTube, you must have met a given threshold for you to join the YouTube Partner Program. Once you monetize, YouTube will pay you 55% of your content’s revenue. The average pay is about $0.018 for every view your videos get. Thus, you can earn $180 for 10k views on YouTube. However, the amount you earn depends on your niche and the amount the advertiser budgets to spend in their ad campaign.

We will understand how YouTube pays creators. Still, we will discuss YouTube monetization to see what it takes for YouTube to pay you and how you can increase your pay as a YouTube creator. Let’s dig in!

Does YouTube Pay?

Yes, it does. When you open a YouTube account and create a channel, you can create different video content and upload it to your channel. Any content you upload and set as public will become available to the general public. YouTube will pay you depending on various metrics, including how many views your videos get.

YouTube has a criterion that it follows before it can start paying you as a creator. There is a threshold every creator must meet to get accepted into the YouTube Partner Program for monetization on their account to begin.

The YouTube channel must have at least 1000 subscribers. Moreover, you must have gained over 4000 watch hours. Once you meet the two requirements, you can apply to join the partner program to start monetizing your channel and earning from it.

How Do Creators Monetize YouTube?

If you are new to making money on YouTube, you will get curious to understand how YouTubers make money. YouTube is a full-time job for some creators, and they are ripping big from it.

How, then, do they maximize YouTube and earn from it? Below are the various ways of monetizing a YouTube channel.

YouTube Ads

Youtube Ads

YouTube checks your content to determine the niche you are in it. It then runs ads on your videos depending on the advertiser’s needs.

From the collected revenue of all ads displayed on your videos or channel, YouTube will pay the creator 55% of that revenue.


Sponsorship Youtube

You can get different brands to sponsor your video to promote their products or service. These sponsorships come at a cost, and you will earn money through the fee you agree on with the sponsor.

Channel Subscriptions

Channel Subscriptions Premium Youtube

YouTube allows creators to create a sub-only channel where they can indicate how much an interested party must give for them to subscribe to your channel and enjoy premium content.

You will earn monthly when you have numerous subscribers, provided you give the subscribers valid reasons to join the premium membership.


Donations On Youtube

As a creator, you can run a donation program on your channel and give viewers the steps to donate to you and help push your ideas and projects.

When people enjoy your content, you will get different people willing to donate to you as their way of supporting and encouraging you to keep working.

How Much Are 10k Views on YouTube?

We’ve seen what YouTube monetization is and the different ways people make money on YouTube. YouTube views count when you’ve monetized your channel. When YouTube runs ads on your channel or videos, you will get 55% of the generated revenue.

For one view, YouTube pays an estimate of $0.018. Thus, for 10,000 YouTube views, expect to get around $180. However, this revenue will differ depending on your niche and the approaches you use to monetize your channel.


When you’ve monetized your YouTube channel, you will make money based on the views you get. For 10000 views, you can make around $180. Your niche and content upload frequency also matter when talking about making money.

We’ve detailed everything about YouTube monetization and how much money you can make.

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