How Much Do YouTube Shorts Make?

How Much Do Youtube Shorts Make

You can make money on YouTube as a creator. With the recent introduction of YouTube Shorts, creators are looking for more ways to make money on the platform.

If you are a YouTube Shorts creator, you may get curious to know how much you can make. If so, read on, as this post discusses everything about making money using YouTube Shorts.

Quick Answer

YouTube introduced monetization for YouTube Shorts to creators who meet the requirements. When the monetization begins, you will earn 45% of the ad revenue after all deductions are made. There are more deductions for YouTube Shorts because of the split between the creator and the music publishers. Thus, you need more effort to make money. However, you can look for brand deals and sponsorships to make more money and get better deals.

YouTube Shorts can now be monetized. We will understand how you can make money with YouTube Shorts and your requirements to get monetized. Still, we will understand how you earn money and what percentage to help estimate how much you can make.

Can You Earn With YouTube Shorts?

Yes, you can. YouTube initially introduced a reward where YouTube Short creators would compete to get a share of the allocated revenue based on how popular their Shorts would be. However, that proved challenging for most creators and didn’t give everyone room to earn.

However, YouTube now has monetization for YouTube Shorts. Yes, you heard it right! You can monetize your YouTube Shorts and earn money from it. However, like YouTube videos, you must meet a given threshold before you can start monetization.

For YouTube Shorts, here are the different requirements to get monetized.

  • You must have over 1000 subscribers.
  • You must gain over 10 million public Shorts views.

Once you meet the two main requirements, you are eligible to join the YouTube Partner Program and can start monetizing your YouTube Shorts and make money. If you are already in the YouTube Partner program, you are near to start making money from your content.

How Much Do YouTube Shorts Make?

YouTube offers room for any content creator to earn a living. If creating long videos is not your thing, you can focus on creating YouTube Shorts that offer better room for growth and making money.

With YouTube Shorts, how much money you can make will depend on your effort and what deals you have. The primary way of making money is via YouTube Ads. With this method, YouTube will pay you 45% of the generated ad revenue. However, you should note that a share of the generated revenue goes to the creator pool.

Ideally, YouTube Shorts involves using other people’s music. Thus, YouTube pays the music publishers a share of the generated revenue depending on how often their music has been used in creating the YouTube Shorts.

If your YouTube Shorts contains one music track, the revenue will get split between you and the music publisher. So, the more music tracks you include, the more splits you incur, reducing the money you can make from your content.

After all the splits and deductions, you will remain with 45% of the generated revenue. Moreover, the revenue will depend on the view your Shorts gets and your location. To earn more money, consider getting brand deals and sponsorships. You can create YouTube Shorts to align with a brand’s needs and make money.

YouTube Shorts are easy to create and share with viewers. However, they don’t allow creators to maximize and make more money. Moreover, the more music tracks you include to create engaging content, the lower the revenue you add.

For instance, where you have a video with almost half a million views, you can make around $20, depending on the music tracks you use.


You can make YouTube Shorts with minimal effort. However, you must create engaging videos creatively to earn more money.

You will earn 45$ add revenue after all deductions are made, including deductions to pay music publishers if your Shorts contains music tracks. YouTube Shorts make less money unless you create popular Shorts that go viral.

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