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How To Get a Crown on TikTok

How To Get A Crown On Tiktok

TikTok has over 500 million daily active users and has become a massive platform for video content creators. As such, the application boasts hundreds of filters and effects to aid creators in producing the best content. If you’ve been on the video app long enough, you might have seen a crown on the profile picture of TikTok users. It’s relatively easy to get yours too.

Quick Answer

The crown you saw on the profile picture of most TikTok users came from a filter known as the “Animate Me.” Unfortunately, this filter doesn’t have the same effect anymore. This filter made a crown appear atop your head, and when you post it, a crown automatically appears on your profile photo. However, a crown on your profile picture meant verification to people who were on Musically before it became TikTok.

This article will go through the steps to follow to make a crown appear atop your profile pic, and if you’re looking for the “crown” from Musically, which is a TikTok verification, we’ll go through the process for that too.

How Do You Get the Crown Effect on TikTok?

The crown effect became a thing with TikTok users when it launched in 2021. When the effect was used in a video and posted, it made a crown appear automatically atop your profile pic. The effect was known as “Animate Me.”

Unfortunately, this filter doesn’t have the same effect anymore. You can still use the “Animate Me” effect, but the crown doesn’t appear on your profile picture.

These are the steps to follow to use the “Animate Me” effect on TikTok.

  1. Launch the TikTok app.
  2. Click on the “+” button at the bottom center of the navigation bar.
  3. Click on the Effect icon to the left of the big red circle.
  4. Click on the Search or the lens icon and enter “Animate Me” into the search bar.
  5. Tap on the effect and record a video.
  6. When you finish recording a video with the filter, click Next and Post.

If you don’t have the latest updates, you might get lucky and still get the crown on your profile picture, but it’s unlikely to happen.

How Do You Get a “Crown” on TikTok Implying a Verification?

If you’ve been on Musically way before it became TikTok, you’ll know that a crown on a profile page wasn’t due to an effect. Before it became TikTok, a crown on a profile page meant verification. If verification is what you seek on TikTok, the process of getting that badge is more complex than using a filter.

To get a verification badge on TikTok, you’ll have to be a celebrity or famous person in real life or popular on TikTok. Before the verification mark is bestowed upon an account, the person must have an active account on TikTok and use it effectively and interactively.

The conditions required for you to be verified on the app include being a famous person and getting the popular creator badge. If you’re already well-known in real life, i.e., a celebrity, TikTok will give you a verification badge regardless of if you’re active on the platform. However, if you’re a content creator hoping to become famous through TikTok, you need the popular creator badge.

How Do I Get the Popular Creator Badge?

To get a famous creator badge on TikTok, you need to have a large audience following your account. It doesn’t end at having a large audience following you; you need to be active with the account by creating and posting content at least once daily. Creating and posting on your TikTok account will increase your chances of getting a verification badge on the app.

Also, your account should interact with your followers and other people on the app. Read and respond to comments on your videos, follow other accounts, and do live sessions to increase your chances of getting a verification badge. Also, endeavor to share your TikTok videos across different social platforms, and you’ll be on track to getting that badge.

Most importantly, you need to capitalize on trends to ensure your videos reach a wider audience and garner traffic to your account. You can apply for a verified account checkmark when you meet these requirements. Getting the verification badge will be easier if you have already been verified on other social platforms.

Verification Badge

Consistency is essential in getting a verification badge on TikTok. The verification badge might take months of active posting and interaction before it appears. It’s also beyond just posting, but making quality content that your followers and non-followers will relate with.


Whether you want the crown filter or verification, this guide tells you what to do in getting either. Have fun creating and trending!

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